…. to sugarsobriety!  Thanks for stopping by.  My goal with this page is to create a community that needs help, just like myself, with the battle of sugar!  To be sugar free, to experience Sugar Freedom is the dream of a lot of individuals out there.  We can ban together and hopefully, get some relief from the daily grind of “no, I am not consuming sugar today”.

There are some basics to understand before continuing.  You need to understand that sugar is in just about EVERYTHING.  It’s listed as several different names in the ingredient list.  Most of the time, its blatant. See picture below.

2015-12-28 23.28.58
Taken from Jennie-O Hot Italian Turkey Sausage package

We have to comprehend that this is NOT going to change.  The food industry is about us buying food, not about us being healthy!  We can empower ourselves with the responsibility of making a CHOICE to consume healthy foods.  We can empower ourselves with CHOICE.  It’s the ONLY way to beat this beast!  We can help each other make that choice on a daily basis to NOT participate in the sugarfest.  This HAS to be understood.  We cannot blame the food industry anymore!  It is OUR CHOICE to consume it or not!  PERIOD.

If you can handle this reality – then join me in the battle to say NO to sugar once and for all!  I urge you to take 45 minutes and watch this piece on “The Secrets of Sugar” by The Fifth Estate on CBS News.

Some Cold, Hard Facts – a “sobering documentary”

Disclaimer:  when I speak of sugar on this site – I mean “added sugars” and “processed sugar”.  Most fruits are okay, and we will discuss this with some of our nutrition experts under the guests section of the menu.