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Here is the latest installment from our guest blogger this month! Super excited to read this article. Every time I see before and after pics of people on Isagenix, it blows me away that they actually look younger! I asked She She to explain, and this is what she has to say!

If I got paid a dollar for every time I was asked or one of my clients was asked, ” Do you ever age? ” I would not complain as I would have a nice sized savings there!! It is commonly found among Isagenix people who keep this nutrition in their body.

One of my friends who struggled with obesity from childhood on and was trying out for the biggest loser but didn’t get picked, lost half her body weight with Isagenix and looked Amazing. (still does) She attended a health fair /medical event with Isagenix and Dr. Oz showed up saw her before and after and said, ” lift your shirt up” ( he wanted to see the lose skin) They went behind the curtain and she lifted her shirt up (this is Jill Birth in case you didn’t know already) and Dr. Oz said, ” Where’s the loose skin? ” Jill looked at Dr. Cho and said, “Where’s the loose skin? ” lol . Then Dr. Cho began to go over the science of it all with Dr. Oz.


First off, some have genetically less elastin in their skin than others so some will recover better than others but if someone has stretch marks this won’t make them go away. I have seen many who lost a lot of weight and over time of their using our nutrition and working out their skin evens out and it is quite amazing how their skin tightens up even after losing 200 lbs or more.

The same thing applies to those who don’t have to lose a lot of weight but they want to lean out and build muscle. One friend of mine got his first 6 pack in 34 days and when he came to share his story at my event some of the people from the gym came too. When I asked them why they came, one man said I saw this old guy (really?? He was in his mid 50’s!! rolling eyes) at the gym trying so hard and then I saw him like a week later and it looked like he had a facelift!! So I had to come find out what this was all about! I saw the same thing as the man from the gym in my friend! It was noticeably different pretty quickly but over years it is amazing what super solid strategic nutrition can do!!

Here’s How It Works – ¬†Short and Sweet-

1. Amino acids support elastin in the skin!
And you would guess right if you guessed that our shakes have naturally occurring high quality amino acids to help the skin shrink as the weight is lost and to help the skin even if there is no weight loss involved. You see many people come to us to get healthy not to lose weight. And some come because they want healthy aging. The longer you use the shakes and the system, the tighter and healthier your skin will become. After cleansing many see the Isagenix glow (as it is called) of healthier skin.

2. The quality of the whey in our shakes supports the growth of lean muscle mass while we burn fat so that plumps up the skin and lessens the sagging skin effect and supports the youthful appearance.

3. The shakes are jam packed with nutrition. And I say it all the time…. your food either has nutrition that feeds the cells, which are the 90 building blocks that create healthy cells which then affects the skin, the muscles, the brain and all parts of the body to help it function as it is supposed to. Or it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t then you get malformed cells and your body and skin can not function optimally and can not repair as it should. Most of our non isagenix food (regular food) because of the lack of minerals and micronutrients in our sterilized soil does not have the 90 essential nutrients that build healthy cells. How many times have you seen people who look much older than their actual age in years? Much of the cause of this is their nutrition or lack thereof .

4. We eat and we do so regularly. We recommend you eat healthy protein, fats and carbs every 2 hours! So you are eating 5 to 6 times a day. By skipping meals, we cannot nourish our cells. Cell nourishment helps aid in reducing excess skin and helps the skin have continual nutrients to work at its best.

5.We have tons of antioxidants to help us fight free radical damage to our skin. Our vitamins, support youthful aging and are filled with antioxidants.
One of our most powerful elements in our vitamins is our Telomere support, Product B Isagenesis. It’s formulation is for the purpose of slowing the aging process at a DNA level. Here’s a great video that goes over the science of our Telomere support.
Btw we have more patents on telomere research than anyone in the world.
Check out this video to learn more.

I hope that answered at least some of your questions on the topic of Why Isagenix people look younger! And now, for some before and after pics!

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