Kayla Ring, Founder of Kayla Sue Yoga

Kayla grew up competitively swimming in San Diego until the age of 18; however, due to surgeries correcting her Scoliosis and a severe shoulder injury, she decided it was best to honor her body by no longer swimming. She eventually stumbled upon yoga in San Luis Obispo and immediately fell in love with what yoga had to offer. Not only was it providing the level of fitness she was looking for but she discovered how enlivened she became after stepping off her mat.

After she returned to the San Diego area, she found a loving and safe community among the studios in San Diego and felt at home. At the time, she was not aware of what was changing internally, but she wanted to understand and deepen her yoga practice; to discover what made her shift towards a more conscious way of life. She noticed how much yoga had helped her change off of her mat as well and wanted to share with the world her passion and enthusiasm for the practice of yoga. In 2014, she went through a 200hr Teaching Training Certicication program, which truly opened her eyes to what a wonderful gift yoga can be and the many aspects yoga has to offer. Kayla strives to teach a well balanced class; focusing on the importance of breath and self discovery. Her goal is to offer a safe and peaceful place so as to encourage her students to live their yoga on and off their mats.

Kayla’s struggle with sugar is like most of us. She takes it to the mat. We are going to hear about how that helps along with some other issues that can be helped with Yoga.