She-She Killough, Health Coach

She-She Killough is an Isagenix holistic health coach. She is known for her ability to customize programs to fit her clients various needs and has helped men and women lose over 12,000 pounds, as well as athletes gain lean muscle. With a team name like Healthy, Happy, Strong, it’s easy to know that She-She has your back! Coaching is a passion of She-She’s and she is GOOD at it!

She-She loves adventure, world travel, making a difference, health & freedom, her family, her God, and KAYAKING!


When she isn’t glued to her phone you can find her kayaking the beautiful waters of Arizona, doing home improvements or trying very hard to keep her flowers from vaporizing in the desert heat.



She is currently working on learning mental mindset coaching for athletes. The best way to reach her is by text or her mobile office at 480-634-3935.

You can connect with She-She on Facebook here – She-She Killough