If it’s not sugar, then what?

Our guest, She She Killough is SPOT ON with this article! So amazing and one of the things that keeps me on track with being “sweet free” with Isagenix. I had ice cream last night, I can’t keep from telling on myself, here is the difference. I had one serving. The CORRECT serving and had no cravings for more than that, in fact, it was too much.

Read on about how Isagenix uses all natural products for sweetening and makes it “oh so good!”

Isagenix uses a holistic approach with nutrient density as the goal as opposed to energy dense – It’s the difference between empty calories and smart nutrition. Some people who are concerned about sugars may not realize that the sugars we use never exceed the amount of a medium sized apple. The use of sugar in our products are smart and purposeful to provide energy, replenishment and a little sweetness without having to resort to artificial sweeteners, which we all want to avoid.

Most people use 120 grams of sugar daily and by using the Isagenix system you can decrease your sugar intake by two thirds. That’s quite a lot and add to that the convenience which makes it easier to stick to a lifestyle. Your waistline will definitely see the difference. What is commonly overlooked is that many foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle diet like fruits, vegetables, dairy, and grains are all broken down to simple sugars in the body. In fact every cell in your body requires sugar in the form of glucose for its basic metabolism. It is the preferred fuel for the brain, immune system and nervous system. The key is balancing a diet rich in nutrients with controlled amounts of sugar, not too much over all or all at once so that it can function at it’s best.

It’s also good to note that our meal replacement shakes (as all of our nutritional products) are third party tested to assure they are low glycemic, and do not spike insulin levels. So don’t be afraid about sugar, be Smart about it. Many times people read a nutritional label and they are reading names they aren’t familiar with because they are chemistry names. So it causes a lot of confusion when it comes to nutrition. Some may read a label and read pantothenic acid and freak out, not realizing it’s a B vitamin. And even worse if they see this… which is another way in chemistry to say pantothenic acid or B vitamin.

Formula: C9H17NO5 Chiral rotation (D): +37.5°; +24.3° (Ca2+ salt) Basicity (pKb): 9.698.

Here is an example of the chemical makeup of a banana! Hence one of the reasons Isagenix uses the term natural flavors to avoid the confusion of chemistry names.


With Isagenix, what that means is flavors found in nature (plant or animal material) while artificial are not found in nature and are chemicals created in a lab. Isagenix avoids artificial chemicals, flavors sweeteners, and colors. Our fructose comes from beets and pears. There was a time when our grape, orange and lemon /lime hydrate had no color but studies showed that the consumer liked their grape to have a purple color so Isagenix uses purple carrots for the color. So you can see the lengths they go to in order to do something the right way.

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