12 days and amazing results

Hi there! It’s Tuesday morning, June 13, 2017. I am on my 12th day of this program, and I am in shock! My body is responding so well to this program. It’s designed to flood your body with nutrition, much like the juice reboot I did, but in a different way. I really had a hard time responding to the juicing, and I just didn’t feel like it was for me, the only results I really had were feeling better, no weight loss and no inches lost.

This program is a 30 day jump start to beginning a new lifestyle. The idea is to have two shakes a day and one sensible meal. During the 30 day period I will have a total of 4 cleanse days. I can do it 2 days at a time, or once a week or I was sick when I started so, I did the cleanse when I was well and then put the other cleanse days in the calendar when I have the time to dedicate a day.

I chose to do my cleanse day yesterday. I was 11 days in with shakes only and here are “numbers” that I tracked. I lost 5lbs and a total of 11 inches on JUST THE SHAKES ALONE, and a sensible dinner. So, twice I overate. That was my results yesterday morning before I started the cleanse.

This morning the results are astonishing! I lost an additional 3lbs and 11.5 inches YESTERDAY! Here are the before and after pics. CRAZY!!!!


The pictures do not lie! I timestamped them and to look at them just blows me away! Now, it’s time to get to the gym! I do have a membership! I am feeling better! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

A few things that have come up during this process:

  • I started missing the weight!?!?
  • I felt uncomfortable the past few days, not sure how to describe it. Uncomfortable without the weight.
  • I feel as though I am releasing more than weight.
  • I am tempted by processed food, but it’s super easy to say no.
  • I used to have these bumps on my elbows and I read an article that they come from food allergies, they are gone!
  • Inflammation is almost gone, I still have aches and pains, but nothing like before!

I have friends that have done this system, and I always thought to myself when they told me, “No, I am just going to have a shake,” that they were crazy, and that shake can’t be fulfilling! How in the world can a shake fill you up? I do NOT feel hungry! It’s so amazing to me. The shakes are completely filling, and give you some amazing nutrition!

It’s time to get to work now, here is what is involved.

I still have 3 more cleanse days for the month and I am adding in the gym. I will do strength training and cardio 3 days a week, along with the cleanse days, I think the end result should be pretty amazing! I am excited to see those pics!

I am looking forward to sharing more! Sneak peak – my coach will be our guest blogger for July!

Until next week!