Day 31 – Whew!

I made it another day. A whirlwind day of amazingness! Is that a word? It is now!

Day 3 – DONE!

Here is a list of what I did today to avoid consuming sugar.

Day 3 – the ugly truth

Hi!  Even though I would love to tell you that it’s so awesome and I am so happy to have made this choice – that is NOT the case today.  I am looking back on my food choices over the last 2 days and the soup that I had yesterday, along with the sausage I…

Day 2 – my favorite things

GOOD MORNING!  Sleep eluded me last night – I am excited about creating this movement and I was dreaming about what life is going to be like without sugar in it 😦  Much like I did the first few days and months of my D&A sobriety. The truth is I love sugar, and it’s hard…

A new beginning

Claim Jumper Apple Crumb Pie – it was so good!  On Christmas Day 2015, this was one of the desserts available to us.  It’s also my husband’s birthday and in our family we celebrate birthdays a little different.  It’s tradition that you get your favorite meal and favorite cake baked for you on your birthday….