Thats IT!!! I have asked for help!

Hi there and Happy Memorial Day! I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Pinetop, Arizona typing this post. My husband and I came here to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary. It’s been an amazing weekend of rest and relaxation. Oh, and FOOD. Lots of amazing food. The whole reason we came here is because of a restaurant called Charlie Clarks. Folks, it was good. The prime rib was really good. If that was all that I had it would have been grand. Oh, and that was just the first night we were here. As you can tell from the picture, they really weren’t big on veggies at Charlie Clark’s.


Last night we indulged in a restaurant called Cattlemans Steakhouse. More beef, great salad bar, and yes, dessert! The apple pie was amazing. In order to tell this story properly, let me back up a couple of weeks to the last time I posted.

I said I was going to try something new. I said I was going to try moderation again. Then, I eliminated the word “try” and replaced it with “do”. I eliminated bread, for the most part and blatent sweets for a few days. The cravings engulfed me and I caved. I did lower the amount of food I was consuming by eating half and pushing the rest away. I realized that its not just the sugary, sweets that I crave. Its food, in general. When presented with eating out or eating in, its my blueprint to eat everything on my plate. I have “tried” other methods along the way, and its lasted a few days or weeks. I have bought smaller plates, cooked smaller portions, and other various suggestions to lower my intake of daily calories.

The pattern that I have witnessed over the past two weeks is similiar to that of an addict. It’s food instead of drugs. I will eat mindfully and then my mind tells me, it’s okay to have a sweet because you did so well today. Then, next thing I know, there is a batch of cookies being baked and my two cookie reward turns into 8 cookies and the whole day is thrown away. The next morning, it starts all over again. How am I supposed to regulate food intake? Its necessary to live. Well, good food anyway. Rephrase, good for you food.

I have thought long and hard. I have investigated nutrition programs out there. I have known about this one for quite some time, just like knowing about all of the other ones. I always tbought I could do it on my own. I even thought this blog would help because I was creating community and answering to someone to improve my accountability.  When I decided to eat sweets after 5 months of NOT, it all came tumbling back and I HAVE to make a change in my life before its too late. My body can only take so much before it breaks. I have decided to do a metabolic cleanse and detoxify my body on a cellular level. I will be doing a 30 day program and feeding my body what is on the agenda. Its nothing like the juicing gig I tried and no offense to Joe, but that didnt work for me. I am excited about this but not overly excited. My mind is kinda freaking out that this change is coming. I feel willing to make it happen and that, my friends is half the battle.

I will not reveal what the product is until I can post some real results, after the 30 days. I will post pics- before and after. Also, in increments of time along the way. I have asked for help, and will also have a coach to guide me along the way and I have joined a couple of support groups on Facebook.

I moved to Arizona with hopes of a new beginning and a new start when it came to my nutrition and taking care of myself. It has been a struggle and I have not been willing to do what it takes to heal myself and stick to diet and exercise changes. In other words, I have failed to do it by myself. Failure equals success to me, as long as I learn from it. I made a decision.

I will check in on a every other day basis and tell you how it’s going.  I appreciate your follows and your kind words along the way so far, and I look forward to continuing that.

I pick up my product tomorrow and all my minds keeps thinking about is eating, eating, and eating. So, I am going to eat some breakfast now and start packing to go home. My husband got sick over the weekend while here, minor cold, but we still had a great time.

Have a wonderful day!





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    Good for you Trudi!!


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