Day 7 – transition is almost complete

Hey there! Happy Monday! I am excited to share that I am still juicing twice a day, and incorporating meals into this mix as well. I am having some issues though and may need to do a real “cleanse” after this. If you know what I mean!

Still eating all vegetables and fruits. No dairy, meat, sugar, caffeine or processed food at all. I feel good, and have been sleeping like a baby! Have no craving for sweets at all, only in my mind. Our next door neighbor had a birthday party on Saturday night and I made her some cookies, the peanut butter cookies and didn’t even lick my fingers or anything when I made them. I was quite impressed with myself.

The one thing I am not impressed with is that I have not dropped one pound at all. In fact, I weighed myself today and I weigh a little more than when I started. So, this isn’t a good thing. I am not giving up though. I have finished the challenge, but I do believe I will just transition into juice for breakfast and a juice for an afternoon snack and eat healthy.

The no dairy (cheese, cheese, and cheese) has been the hardest thing to kick. My lungs respond well to no dairy though! I am breathing well! I have been reading up on this Nutritarian plan. I know what my body responds to and it responded best to Paleo eating. After I am done transitioning, I will probably just follow that and move on and not worry about it anymore. You know what they say, what you focus on grows and I have been obsessing about this whole diet thing lately.

I feel like if I could just leave it be, eat healthy, exercise, and treat myself every once in awhile; life would be good. I am so tired of the battle, at this point the cravings are gone. I like the results that I am getting, except for the constipation thing – everything else is great!

I have an early meeting in the morning and will close for now, however I will leave you with one thought – what have you done for yourself today?

Until tomorrow……