Day 5 – I made it!


It’s about 8pm and I am getting ready to juice my last juice of the day. I am looking forward to doing the transition into the next phase which is another 5 days of at least 2-3 juices a day and incorporating plant based meals back into the mix. I gotta tell you, I am really looking forward to having a salad that will give me some insoluble fiber back into my diet. I don’t have to say much more for you to get the idea of what I am experiencing. In Joe’s book, it explains it quite well.

“Juicing extracts the insoluble fiber, leaving you with a liquid that contains just the soluble type. The result is that the health-promoting phytonutrients and enzymes in the soluble fiber are much better absorbed by the body.” Juice It To Lose It – Joe Cross pg 154 FAQ

I suspect that I should have been drinking more water. I was consuming about 70 oz a day, well, most days. Now I know. More water. Maybe better water, more alkaline water. Bottom line, I am sort of constipated, but not in an uncomfortable way, maybe getting that way. I feel like I have held on to weight because of that. That’s okay though, I think when I start eating and getting that insoluble fiber as well, my body will respond accordingly. I was able to start walking again yesterday so that helps too! Getting back into walking will help everything – including more frequent trips to the gym to incorporate the weights again! It might be pure caffeine withdrawals if you know what I mean! LOL!!


One of the most prevalent things I noticed over the past couple of days, is the fact that I have slept through the night. I am famous for waking up at 3am every single night and having trouble getting back to sleep. This does affect weight and a whole gaggle of other things. So, that IS exciting! I love getting a good night’s sleep!

So, tomorrow for breakfast I will drink more juice, start off with my lemon water – oh no, I am out of lemons! Guess I will make a little trip to the store tonight. Then I will have a juice or snack for mid-morning and a salad for lunch. I will have a juice in the afternoon and a entree from the recipes provided in Joe’s book.

I am excited to start this new chapter and feel better about my health. I love having energy and not feeling fatigued. It really does give me a new lease on life. I don’t know about you, but I am doing this growing older thing with grace and dignity! Leading a healthy lifestyle helps with that.

I hope you have a great night, I am going to the store for lemons now.

Until tomorrow…….