Day 4 – Night and Day

Hey there! I hope your day was as good as mine! I feel like a million bucks today! Slept really good and got up full of energy. So exciting to be feeling better. I am loving this Reboot!


I am thinking I want to continue this lifestyle. There is a plan after the 5 days to do juice and have a good dinner. That sounds so easy. Juice your meals the night before and keep them in the nice glass jars that seal, that way when we are busy it helps to not fall into temptation and slip. I have to admit, not chewing food for 4 days has been a little weird, however, I am grateful for the way my body feels!

I have no cravings for sweets. The juice recipes are simple and so yummy! I got complimented on my skin again today! I did have to go to the store and get more celery, spinach, kale and parsley. No biggie! I also picked up a rotisserie chicken while there for the husband and, boy, did it smell good in the car. Flowed in from the trunk!

I think the greatest thing that has become of this past 4 days is the fact that I have some self worth coming back into my life because of my actions for myself. I am worth the extra time it takes to juice the yummy goodness that nourishes my body. I am worth spending the money on organic fruits and veggies. I look at it this way. Would I rather spend the money on hospital bills, doctors and prescription drugs or healthy food? Longevity is key. I have so many things to accomplish in this lifetime, and doing it in a healthy body is much more pleasurable than the alternative. What are the odds that you will get to accomplish all that you dream of if you are unhealthy and feel like crap all the time? Slim, that’s what!

The road I was on was a dangerous one. I was at the grocery store and standing in the check out lane was an overweight woman and I looked at what she had in her cart. No wonder she was overweight, and what’s worse is that people are oblivious to the fact that processed food is what is making them fat and sick. Yes, it’s hard to stop. Yes, it’s a struggle to not go back. I will never give up fighting the good fight. I feel the difference in my health and see it in the mirror as do others!

I encourage you to try a Reboot. It’s just 5 days. Are you worth it?

Until tomorrow ……