Day 3 – Feeling better!


Happy Hump Day! I feel so much better today! My back is still jacked up, but otherwise the headache is gone and I have some energy. I did visit a chiropractor today and got some relief. He also wrapped my ankle and I am walking better!

Sleep treated me well last night, until about 4am and I finally gave in and got up at 5am. The early bird catches the worm huh? Not so much, here is what happens. I get up at 5am and have my hot water with lemon in it, and if I decide to eat at 6am, by 10am I am ready for lunch! I have stuck to my guns and stayed true with the no food – juice only plan. It’s not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I mean, I miss chewing food, but not enough to partake.

The juices were really good today, although I did realize that I didn’t buy enough Chard to complete today’s recipes. I shorted myself! Just a few ounces of juice. When you are only drinking juice, a few ounces makes a difference.

I got a compliment on my skin today! That was really cool! What do you think? I have never liked wearing make-up and this is great because I really feel like I have no need to do so!


I feel like my self worth is rising, and I have been continuing the gratitude every single day this week. I owe this to myself! So, anytime that I get the urge to “eat” something, I just remind myself that this is a reboot to start over and give myself a great chance to really make healthy choices from now on!

I am excited to report about tomorrow and how I feel. I am more than halfway there! I am going to make a plan to ease back into the eating world and am really grateful that Joe put a plan for that in his book as well! More on that later!

Until tomorrow……