I give – for a little while

Hi there! I am writing to check in one last time for awhile. There are some major life changes happening with me and my husband and it’s difficult to get to blogging everyday and being aware of what I am consuming.

My husband and I have decided to move. We will be leaving beautiful San Diego/Poway area in September and the preparation is AWESOME! Ha! I am writing this because at this point, I have yet to get more than 8 or 9 days under my belt with no sugar in my system. I am not sure what it is, the lack of will to do it I believe. That’s okay. As long as I can go a few days without it everyday is key huh?

Yesterday, at a coffee shop while waiting on a client, I ordered a donut!!! Old fashioned glazed donut and an iced coffee. WTH? Knowingly just ordered it!

I regret eating that pie on my birthday even more now. The pain to get back off of the sugar is more than I am willing to change right now. I have been walking everyday and trying to make other healthy choices. Let this be a lesson to myself and to others that are trying to get off. Once you do it, DON’T GO BACK!

I will be checking in occasionally until I get settled in Arizona. If you are in the area, connect with me on Facebook and we can support each other. I will be around the Phoenix/Gilbert area.

Stay inspired and don’t beat yourself up, I know I certainly am not going to do so.

This will be my lifestyle, come hell or high water!