Moderation isn’t working for me

Hi there! Happy Tuesday! I have spent the past two months battling the sugar again! I awoke this morning, with a gut ache. I went into the weekend with 7 days under my belt, I felt good and had a plan to treat myself the end of July. That was the plan.


That plan, DID NOT WORK! I chose to have ice cream cake, ice cream, and sugar coated strawberries as well as some very very bad dip that I made. I woke up this morning with a swollen, inflamed body. I have decided that moderation will NOT work for me. It’s all or nothing. I cannot regulate my intake of sugar and/or processed foods. In the past four months since introducing a few processed foods back into my life, I have gained 17 pounds!!! 17 pounds!

I have realized that I have no control over my choices once it starts. My mind takes over and the willpower is out the window. Just like before. I really thought I could have control over it this time. I can go through the week without it, and then this thought comes over me – it’s the weekend, I can treat myself.

I will be checking in everyday again. I will be watching things that will keep me on top of my choices and my mindset. This morning, I am watching the movie Fed Up. Unbelievable that I have fallen into the pattern again.

This Friday we will hear from Brandi Mahan and find out where and what she has been up to since January!

My plan today is simple. Don’t consume sugary products. I think that being able to eliminate one thing at a time will help. I do believe that eliminating it ALL at one time is setting yourself up for failure. No treats, unless it’s vegetables, or fruit. Whole fruit. What do you think?

It’s 10:33am and I have NOT consumed sugary items.

Talk tomorrow!