Chef Marian – Sugar is Sugar is Sugar

Honey and maple sugar is better than white sugar. Agave is much better than white sugar. Cane sugar is way better than white sugar. Isn’t this what we all know to be true? But as someone who has studied nutrition and asked experts questions I am here to tell you that: Sugar is Sugar is Sugar.

You may wonder why I say that. Think about all kinds of sugars and sugar like substances. What happens in your body? Do you know? You eat the sugar and it spikes your glycemic Index. And what does that mean? It causes inflammation and that means more free radicals floating around looking to do harm, to create disease.

Now I have talked about what you can do to eat sugar and minimize the damage, but let’s review it. Sugar = inflammation. Inflammation = disease. Disease cannot grow in an alkaline body. So before your sugar, please remember to have a couple of nuts, or a bite of protein. That will lessen the spike and the inflammation it causes. After your sugar? Drink a glass of distilled or PH Balanced water, or take a bite or two of a vegetable and bring your body back to Alkaline. But whatever you do, please do not think agave is good and does not spike you, that organic cane sugar does not spike you, or that honey and maple syrup do not spike you. It’s just a matter of how much they spike you, not if they do or not.

According to authority nutrition maple syrup is better for you than white sugar because it contains minerals and antioxidants like Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc and Manganese.


But they are also quick to remind you that Maple Syrup has ‘a whole bunch of sugar and it’s 2/3rds sucrose (as in table sugar). Ya see? You just can’t get away from the truth!

And while maple syrup has a slightly lower glycemic index, it still spikes you. Now please understand: if you can cut the sugar spike by a third by using Maple Syrup instead of table sugar, you should do that. But what I think I am trying to get across to you is: Please live in the real world about what is going on inside your body every time you eat any form of sugar.

And what about agave? May I quote the authority nutrition site again? “ Agave Nectar: a Sweetener Worse Than Sugar”.

I really like their explanation: “The Agave sweetener sold today is made by treating the sugars with heat and enzymes, which destroys all the beneficial  health effects of the Agave plant. The end product is a highly refined, unhealthy syrup”.

Quite often I refer to the Huffington Post, which is now called “Huffpost Healthy Living” for answers. They asked scientist Keith Kantor, Ph.D, nutritionist and author his opinion about sugar and honey. He answered: “Sugar is sugar. And honey is (mostly) sugar”.
He went on to say: “Your body breaks food down into glucose in order to use it for fuel. The more complex a food — namely a carbohydrate — is, the more work it takes to break it down. Sugar is made of 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose, the sugar typically found in fruits, and is broken down very easily, leading to a surge of blood glucose. What your body doesn’t use right away gets stored as fat. Honey is also made mostly of sugar, but it’s only about 30 percent glucose and less than 40 percent fructose. And there are also about 20 other sugars in the mix, many of which are much more complex, and dextrin, a type of starchy fiber. This means that your body expends more energy to break it all down to glucose. Therefore, you end up accumulating fewer calories from it”. (Source:

And just like Maple Syrup (of course depending on the region), you may have small amounts of zinc and selenium in your honey, as well as vitamins. No preservatives. No additives. Probably better in some ways than sugar. As we’ve learned there is some benefit by sweetening food with a complex carb. But again, next time you think about this, think about that glycemic spike and the inflammation that is caused.

So that’s the ‘dish’ about why Sugar is Sugar is Sugar. Join me next Monday for a talk about ‘Baby Steps to a New You’ and how you can get there.

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