Day 5 – Lesson Learned

Happy Tuesday!  My birthday is over and my son has went back to Alaska.  I am on day 5 of no sugar again, and I have missed writing! The vacation was excellent! Great time spent with my son. I had not seen him in almost eight years! He moved to Alaska a teenager and was a young man – it was so surreal! I loved spending time with him. Although, a week wasn’t long enough! I am grateful for the time we did spend together. The picture below was taken on my birthday with my son and my awesome husband!

snipped bday dinner pic

Now, for the slip on my birthday, I wouldn’t call it a slip. It was a simple choice I made.  I sat at the table at the restaurant, and decided that I would have some dessert in celebration of my birthday.  Dessert made with refined sugar and all kinds of other bad stuff.  I felt confident that I would not go on a sugar binge afterwards and had four bites of it. I really wasn’t impressed with it, it was good, however it wasn’t what you would expect.  So, I will start over and on Holidays continue to bake my sugar free items and enjoy them.

I do believe that this lifestyle has been ingrained in me and I am happy with it! I think I needed to test myself. I am not disappointed in myself, quite the opposite.  I am happy that I did it. My faith in myself and my decisions are stronger now.  It’s done and I believe that I can live refined sugar free because of it.

I am going to enjoy the rest of May sugar free and this week I celebrate my four year wedding anniversary! I will find a recipe that will be amazing AND sugar free and treat myself.

If you are in this journey with me, I hope that you stay inspired and will continue on!