Day 126 – May days……

Hi all! I haven’t forgotten about you! I feel like a month has passed since I have posted! OH, it has! It’s May! 126 days! Can you believe it? I do not have a Featured Guest this month, and it’s mainly because May sneaked up on me! This is a very special month. My birthday is in May and I get to see my son that I haven’t seen in almost 8 years! My husband and I also celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary! ┬áBusy!

I wanted to check in and tell you that I am taking the month off from blogging. I will still post and tag on SugarSobriety Facebook page. I am going to do some more research and round up the guests for the rest of the year and try to plan the radio show as well! I think I can handle once a month for a broadcast, feature our special guest and still get my businesses taken care of as well.

I would love to hear from you this month – you can reach out to me via email or on the Facebook page!

Keep on keeping on with your journey of SugarSobriety! There comes a time when it starts being second nature to say no to bad sugar!