Day 120! Choosing…

It’s surreal that it’s been that many days! The truth is, I don’t think about consuming sugary sweet treats any longer.  It’s a part of who I am now, I am simply an individual that doesn’t eat sweets. Traditional sweets that is. The ones that are sold in boxes and come from a bakery made with white sugar and white flour.

I know there are alternatives available to me, and when I make time to invest in the good stuff and make an all natural alternative, it not only treats my body good, it treats my psyche good as well. What do I mean you ask? My self-esteem is based purely on how I treat myself. How others treat me is based soley on how I treat myself. If I choose to give in to the crap that they call sweets, then I will give in to other things that aren’t good for me, I will feel guilty for doing it and start to beat myself up, right? When I beat myself up, this brings on feelings of inadequacy and not being good enough, which in turn starts the whole process all over again.

Its a vicious circle!

Today, I choose to take care of me. I choose healthy food in healthy portions. I choose to take time for myself, in order to exercise, move or stretch. I choose to check in with my tribe in order to let you know that I am accountable to you.  I choose to have a great attitude that will meet me great results.

This combination really works when trying to change something in life.  What are you choosing today?

Let me know how your journey is going!



  1. Marcy says:

    Great job! I am doing great on my journey. Day 25 and I have passed up SO many sweets. Working out, eating healthy foods, drinking water, and I feel great! Threw away my scale since I gain self esteem from esteemable acts, not a number.

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    1. You are doing awesome! Its you guys that keep me going and I have been struggling with the idea again as of late.


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