Day 101! I made it past 100 days!

Hi there! Happy Friday! Well, I made it to a goal I thought was going to be the biggest challenge in the world back in January! My original intent was to have a “treat” after 6 weeks and then continue on. When 6 weeks came and went and I still had no desire (well, I had a desire, but didn’t partake) to consume the sugary sweet stuff, I decided inwardly I would go 100 days without it and then I would treat myself. I couldn’t do it. I was presented with all kinds of sweet opportunities yesterday to partake and I chose pasta instead! I had not had pasta the whole time either. You know what I noticed? It didn’t effect me the same way it used to when I was consuming tons of sugar along with it!

I guess I have reached a point in this journey where it’s time to move on without the obsession of am I going to partake in some sweets with white, refined sugar? The answer is NO! I am not! If I want something sweet, I have found several alternatives that are MUCH BETTER for me and do not leave me feeling guilty or lethargic. The answer was right in front of me the whole time. Yes, it takes a little bit more prep time to consume these items, but not really! The products are a little more expensive and harder to find, AMAZON HAS EVERYTHING, and Prime rocks! The bottom line is this, if I consume refined white sugar products, I know the cravings and the process will start all over again. I have found that there are several alternatives and they are REALLY GOOD!!! I will continue to share them with you and I will continue with this movement, because it’s needed!

Not everyone can make it through the first 3o days much less make a decision to sustain the abstaining for a lifetime! This blog is designed to help those people! I do not have cravings for the crap called sweet sugar anymore! I can say no to “man candy”! See pic below. I can say no to cake, cookies, brownies and ice cream. I know if I really want it, there is an alternative somewhere out there to try and if I don’t like it, then I don’t need it. It feels so good to not NEED something anymore. I get to choose to say no, and that is empowering!

Ignite Burger Lounge menu items and cocktails
SHOT 7/12/14 3:59:41 PM – Ignite Burger Lounge menu items and cocktails including : the Ignite burger, the Mahalo burger, thePB&JJ burger, Mac & Cheese, Man Candy, the Firewater cocktail, a Moscow Mule, the Nothing But Flowers cocktail and the brick wall with new graphics on it. (Photo by Marc Piscotty / © 2014)

I hope your weekend is filled with joy and happiness. Please reach out and let me know what I can do to help inspire you to make this choice. It really is one of the best decisions I have EVER made in my life!

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I look forward to the rest of my life, I KNOW I will not suffer the sickness of over consuming sugar. The damage is incredible, and I am very grateful for knowing that this blog is the MAIN reason that I have stopped!

It’s 6:58 am on Friday, April 8th 2016 and this is day 101!