Day 92 – Looking back

Hey there! So, I have been contemplating the last 3 months and I have to say, what a ride! The battle still rages on within me to consume “just one” cookie or “it’s okay if I make some cookies for everyone else” and the ever present, “can I do this for the rest of my life?” No sweets. I have basically grown accustomed to the fact that I can have sweets, they just have to be made with all natural sweet stuff. I don’t find it pre-made that often, and so that means I get to explore and bake things for myself. Funny thing is this, I don’t overindulge in that stuff! It’s easy to practice moderation with it when I do bake it. I have noticed lately that I am really falling down on keeping away from the bread, grains, and carbs that cause that bloat and uncomfortable feeling.

It occurred to me Sunday night on the way home from Easter at the family’s house, that I have possibly “replaced” my sweet intake with junk food, when available. I don’t go out and purchase junk food, mind you, but if you think about it, it’s really the same difference to our bodies. It’s processed crap. Chips, dips, and all that yummy stuff. If there is an offering of cookies, cakes or any kind of sweets, in my mind it’s okay to eat the junk food instead. I am aware of it, I have made the connection between the two and will start tracking junk food, bread intake, simple carbohydrate intake. It’s the only way that has worked for me recently to change my habits.

Can you believe April is here? This lifestyle that I have chose to partake in over the past 3 months has really changed my outlook on life in general. More specifically, when it comes to my health and aging gracefully. I have noticed a difference in my attitude about growing older. Up until recently, I used to think that getting older was going to suck! I imagined being crippled and wrinkled and washed up! Certainly was not looking forward to that! I know that when I make healthy choices with food, exercise, positive attitude, surround myself with people that are like minded, and stay away from TV, my “growing older” outlook is completely different! I notice things that are important but we tend to take for granted. I am so grateful for the growth that has occurred in myself as well as you if you have followed this blog for very long! We can’t help but grow if we are aware of the changes that we get to make, and then take action to go in that direction.

Change used to be so hard for me. It gets easier and easier as I realize what the reward is. I don’t see myself with an oxygen tank and broken down and decrepit anymore! I see myself full of energy and living life to it’s fullest in my older years. Armed with knowledge from the experiences in my life because I chose to learn from them, instead of dis-empower myself because of them. Yeah, yeah, yeah I have done some damage to my body as a result of my actions in the past, however, I know that my body is amazing and as long as I continue to feed it well, exercise it well, and practice a positive outlook, everything will be ok. That, is a mighty good feeling!

Stay tuned later in the week for next month’s Featured Guest! I am really looking forward to this one! On Friday we will explore how MS and sugar are related, next month is the big MS Walk here in San Diego and I try to do it every year. Multiple Sclerosis has impacted the lives of many people I care deeply about, and it’s a fascinating, yet debilitating disease that has no cure, and very few clues as to what causes it after years of research.

It is 10am on Wednesday, March 30th, and I have not consumed sweets in  92 days!



  1. Marcy Dugger says:

    I am joining you in your quest! Today is day 1. Committing to no junk food for 1 year. Also getting rid of my scale.

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    1. Marcy! awesome for you! I am right here behind you! Reach out if you need encouragement! Keep us updated as to how you’re doing!


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