Day 87 – It’s all about balance


Hi there! Happy Friday! I am in the need of a baking fix! I have been working and working and dying in the bed every night for the past month, yet still awaking so tired. I discovered that my electrolytes are off. I had a drink called Sustain that fixed me right up. It’s like Gatorade but not full of sugar. It has sugar in it, but not enough to overdose you like Gatorade does. I felt better in a matter of an hour. So, today, I want to talk about our bodies need for balance in the diet.


Human beings are designed to burn either glucose or fatty acids for fuel. IF we have carbs in our bloodstream, our bodies will burn that for fuel. If there are no carbs, the body turns to fat for fuel. We have heard from Brandi, Amanda and Kayla about Insulin and hormones in our bodies and what their roles are. In order for our muscles to burn insulin it needs glucose to work. It needs to be the CORRECT amount though. If there is too much glucose, it throws the whole process out of order and causes all kinds of problems. There are several posts on this blog about that. So, the big question is, can you moderate sugar and carb intake? If you can, great! It’s an act of balancing the two along with vegetables and protein intake. If you cannot, this will happen:

I have noticed over the past couple of weeks after falling down on the job of tracking my food intake, that I have been consuming more carbs and I have noticed something else interesting. I am getting that lethargy back in my life. I am waking up at 3 AM in the morning and wanting to fall asleep in the afternoon, some days right after I get up! The only thing that has changed is my diet. Less salads and veggies and more carbs. Simple carbs that is. Bread, no pasta, but tortillas, and pita bread, chips & salsa etc. I wanted to keep tracking and eating right, however, I didn’t plan for life to get so busy. Notice what I wrote there? I didn’t plan. I didn’t schedule time in my calendar for ME! Those habits that are ingrained in me are so deep and so strong, that I have fallen back into the trap of convenience.


NO MORE! Today, I declare ONE salad a day. PERIOD. No if’s, and’s or butts! AT least two servings of vegetables a day and if I choose bread, it will be once a week! That’s it. My digestive system is so off, and I feel the way I do because of my diet. Most people just chalk it up to life in general. I am tired and feel like crap because I am overworked etc. Well, guess what? I have let life get in the way of the visits to the gym as well! So, back to it this week. I bet you I will feel better in a matter of a week with some consistent self care. I mean, a balanced diet and some trips to the gym, I will report next week how much better I feel!

I can’t wait to report next Friday, after just one week of balance, how different I will feel. I hope your Easter is amazing, however you celebrate it. WE will be going to the family out in Campo visiting the farm and eating a balanced meal, and perhaps I will make a dessert that is all natural to take with us. No junk food, and all healthy food!