Day 64 – I get to….

Good morning!  I am sitting at my kitchen table thinking about all of the things I get to do because of all of the good, positive choices that I have made over the past 64 days.  I am quite amazed at the change that has taken place.

The most obvious one is the way I treat myself now.  I make time for me. I am a priority and with that comes the ability to shift my focus on doing things for myself.  Things like making healthy food choices.  Deciding to go to the gym at least 4 times a week.  Designating a time to get myself pampered.  Saying no to others when I have something planned to do for me.  Are you seeing, feeling or hearing a pattern here?

I am excited to live the rest of my life like this. I spent the majority of my life living for others. Making decisions based on what others wanted of me, for me and those days are over! Today, I get to go walking with a friend who wants to talk about her issues with sugar.  Today, I get to choose how I live my life! I get to go hang out with some pretty amazing people that help me grow my business on a weekly basis with their referrals and their phenomenal support! I get to be Grateful for all of the incredible things that come to me,  including ideas,  friendships, lessons of life, and the list could go on and on.

I obsessed over a cheat day the whole entire month of February and I found out I still have a weakness for cheesecake.  A friend’s birthday party helped me out with that little discovery. It was all in my mind, and I was able to take the appropriate steps to remove myself from the situation.  I have decided that if I wake up one day and decide to have sugar then that is exactly what will happen, because I decided.  If it happens, it happens and I am tired of obsessing over it. The key is to get back on the wagon right away.  Am I ready to try that? No, not today.

I hope your hump day is awesome! Would love to hear from you!

Until tomorrow….