Day 59 – awaking to a new attitude

Hello! There are two things that I can control. MY attitude, and MY actions. That’s it. A wonderful tool that I used to use to practice this belief is a list. I would make a list that looks like this:

What I can control –  Everything listed on this side started with “I” 

What I cannot control – Everything listed on this side started with “other things”

I finally realized that it doesn’t matter how I FEEL about something or someone. I ONLY have control over what MY reaction is. I only have control over my action. When I started practicing this in my life, my stress level went way down. I was in control of me. That’s it.

It’s this attitude toward life that has allowed me to make the decisions that I have made regarding alcohol, drugs and sugar. It allows me to make decisions that I am responsible for, no one else. That way, I cannot blame others for my “life”.

Before I decided to stop the sugar/sweets, I was blaming the food companies and sugar manufacturers for my ingesting of these sweets. Now, based on the above example, does that really make sense? Well, if they didn’t make it, I would have to ingest it! WEAK!!! I chose to ingest it when there were plenty of alternatives out there. I CHOSE TO DO IT!

It is so empowering to say no. It is empowering to come on this blog almost everyday and declare that I will have one more day without sugar. It is empowering to feed my body the “good stuff”. It is empowering to go to the gym and take actions to make my body stronger, my heart stronger, my mind stronger. It is empowering to share it with others and inspire others with my actions.

I would love to hear your stories of empowering actions that you have taken. Email me, comment below, Facebook me, tell me your stories! I would love to put them in my next book with your permission of course. There will be a section of stories, send me your struggles as well, its empowering and most times the answers come to you if you discuss your struggles.

It is 6:35 am on February 26, 2016 and I have not consumed sugar today.

Happy Friday!

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