Day 51 – Story Day – It’s a SIGN!

Wednesday Hump Day! I hope your day is as beautiful as it is outside here in San Diego, California! I am amazed at our weather lately. Spring is in the air in February! I think I will declare Wednesdays my “tell a story” day. Hump Story Day? Hmmmm, I will have to work on that!

I have had an idea of writing a book that focuses on all of the pivot points in my life. You know, those moments that are ones that you will always remember and where you make a decision that makes you, or breaks you! I would call it something really clever and then make a million dollars of it! So, how about if I test the stories out on you? I can relate them to sugar and this very moment in my life right now.

I grew up in Texas, and when I was almost 12 years old, a tornado came through our hometown to visit us! Most of the time, they wouldn’t touch down, just pass through. This one was huge! It was an F5 and enormous! It actually had the audacity to skip across three states! It was April 2, 1982 and it was a beautiful day. I remember coming home from school and the air was balmy for April. I lived on a 3 acre plot off Highway 82. My hometown – Blossom, Texas. I lived about 3 miles east of Blossom. I think the population was about 600 people when I was born. Paris, Texas is about 15 miles west of Blossom. It’s population was about 200k. Thriving little city and quaint at the same time.

It was in the afternoon and the sky turned orange and it was typical for a storm coming so we thought nothing of it. This thing came on so fast, and my dad ran and knocked on the door and we ran out of our mobile home toward the building that we usually took shelter. I remember stopping and looking at this tornado churning on the ground toward me. It was on the other side of the road going straight toward our neighbor across the street. Mind you, his house had just burned down about 6 months before that. WE were bummed for him! Then, it crossed the road! To our side of the street! Wait, what!? It’s coming right for us! Needless to say, it stayed on that side of the road and my dad drug me in into the building and threw me into an old unused truck seat, and IT HIT!

The aftermath was incredible. Our mobile home frame was mangled down the street about 1500 feet and the building that we were in was flattened. It was a cinderblock building and the only thing left was rubble and the bottom row of cement blocks. You can check out the rest of the damage here online. Paris Texas Tornado  The survivors of this storm recently talked about the 30th year anniversary of it on Facebook. It was truly devastating to our hometown.

I tell this story because it seq ways into my pivotal moment. After the devastation was cleared we did not have a place to live. I remember thinking what the hell are my parents going to do, and when am I going to get my piano replaced? So, my parents rented a small camper trailer from a couple that lived in the next town and we waited for the Red Cross to come in and help us recover all that we had lost. We had our lives which was more than most had from this tornado.

I was an explorer, I loved finding cool things and hanging out among the clovers and trying to find four leaf clovers. Swinging on the big tree swing my dad made for me, and riding my bike. I was helping my mom put some stuff away in the camper trailer one day, and I found a box. A small wood box, and I shook it. It had something in it! I sat it down and continued putting the items away with my mom, and I heard something ticking inside the box! I picked it up and sure enough, there were ticking noises coming from the small box! So, I opened it up and there were 3 small beans inside! They were Mexican Jumping Beans. If you don’t know what those are – here is a hint How Mexican Jumping Beans work.

I kept that box and the beans inside of it, I guess the larva inside probably died, but I kept the box, after the camper trailer was returned. I loved that little box, I would show it to my friends and I felt very fortunate to have found it. I had lost a lot in the tornado and it was like my new beginning right?

Fast forward to when I was 15 years old and I was a skating rink freak. My mom and dad separated and I lived with my mom closer into town in Blossom. I had a job at the skating rink in Paris and I worked every weekend. There were a lot of cute boys at this rink and I fell for one. Everyone told me, he is a “player,” don’t fall for him! Too late, we kissed and it was on! We started dating or “going steady” as some would call it back in the 80’s and the next thing you know we are talking about getting married and carrying on the rest of our lives together. There were signs, red flags if you will, that this should not happen! I ignored them, all of them!


Here is why:

We were talking about the tornado incident one day and he was telling me that his parents rented out a trailer to an unfortunate couple off Highway 82 who had their home destroyed in the tornado. I thought, could it be? I inquired further, what kind of trailer was it? What did it look like? More importantly, was it MY parents that he was talking about?!? So, he then went on to say, I left my Mexican Jumping Beans in that camper trailer and when we got it back they were gone!

It couldn’t be! I was flabbergasted! Are you kidding me? Those were HIS Mexican Jumping Beans? I showed him the box, and YES, they were his beans! I returned the beans and to us, this was a SIGN that we were meant to be together. And so it began.

Here is the deal – we went on with our lives together, we had three children together and we were miserable together! We fought all the time, we did drugs and smoked and drank together for years. We really did not do “love” justice at all. It was a horrible choice! WHY did I take those beans? We split when we were 22 years old while we were living in Alaska.

I kept the beans because I followed my intuition. I have three pretty awesome kids and an amazing Granddaughter because of those beans. I made choices in my life that lead me down some dark, dark roads in my life because of those beans. I became an alcoholic and drug addict because of those choices and those dark, dark roads. Which in turn, created a reason to stop doing the drugs & alcohol and start on a path of recovery. Which in turn, created a reason to create an amazing foundation to build the wonderful life that I have now. I am who I am because of those beans! Mexican Jumping Beans. One choice. One little choice, I used to wonder what would have happened if I had left the beans in the camper. Key word there being “used to wonder.”

I chose to do SugarSobriety and stop sugar/sweets the same way, with my intuition, and figured that because of my past, this was the most logical way to be successful with my decision to stop consuming sugar. It’s a SIGN, right? If I look back over my past, there have been many, many signs throughout my life and most times I have followed them. Although the results were miserable from the Mexican Jumping Beans at the time, I had no idea this is where they would lead. I love my life, I love my kids, I love my friends, I love my work, I love my husband and my family that I gained by marrying him as well as all of the little stuff. The synchronicity of life is amazing, and I hope that if a “SIGN” comes to you to join me in the journey to SugarSobriety, you will act on it.

Until tomorrow…….