Day 44 – The Ultimate Keto Brownie

Hey there! So, I have decided that Tuesdays will be recipe days. I have been searching the internet and I have come across some pretty good recipes. I have tested them, and tried them out on my friends as well. So, today I will share the recipe that I have been making for my “sweet fix” and it’s amazing.  It’s the Ultimate Keto Brownie recipe. I have to warn you, if you wander too far from the original ingredients and vary, it will NOT be the same. They are good just like they are in the recipe.  What are your favorite recipes that are sugarfree? I would love to share them, you can email them to me at and I will try them out and then feature them on the blog! Be sure you include your contact info as well as your blog if you have one.

Here is the link to the recipe – in the meantime, how is your SugarSobriety going? Where are you at in the journey? Have you started, not started, thinking about starting? I am writing another book, and I need your stories for the book! Please submit them at Struggles and successes! Coming together will make us all successful!

The Ultimate Keto Brownie Recipe

Until tomorrow……………here is to Day 44!