Day 42 – Core beliefs and thoughts

So, its 86° here in San Diego today! Its short and tank top weather! I pulled out my shorts that were WAY too tight when summer was ending last year and pulled them on. I gotta tell ya, I’m liking this! I have seriously been considering a cheat day or hour; whatever. At this point, I am thinking no way! There is no way I want to give this up! My clothes are fitting me the way they are supposed to!

I did go to the store to get the stuff to make my famous Buffalo Bleu Cheese Chicken Ranch Dip! That will be my cheat day. Cheese! That is my downfall and I have missed it so bad. I will pay for it tomorrow with struggling to breath. It took me awhile to figure out that cheese was my nemesis. It’s still better to me than sugar!

I am excited to hear from Amanda Kunard tomorrow – she is our Featured Guest this month. Which reminds me, Valentines Day is coming up which is usually full of candy and flowers. I need to come up with a plan! I am thinking about making my own chocolate with some organic stuff! I will post the recipe and hope it comes out ok.

My husband and I are streaming the Superbowl on our computer  (we have a huge screen and no tv in our house) and we are gearing up for the big game! Superbowl 50! I had an idea about going to the gym to watch it, on the treadmill while eating Pringles, but I doubt that would have worked out! Maybe next year!

I want to talk about core . beliefs for a minute before the game starts. So, I have been talking all week about a cheat day and have I made a mistake trying to stay off sugar FOREVER. There are triggers, and all kinds of things that could throw me off and I gotta tell you, if I think those things will be a problem then they will. If I think it will be easy, then it will be easy. Whatever my PERCEPTION of how this is going to work out will determine my success or my failure. Thats it, it’s really that simple. It’s up to me.  Whatever I think is going to happen – will. No matter what else there is. Period.

This is what I think is going to happen. I think SugarSobriety is going to be a catalyst in helping people like you and I stop sugar and stay off of it. I think SugarSobriety is going to help us become practicers of moderation EVENTUALLY. I think that SugarSobriety will be a movement that will impact hundreds if not thousands of lives. I think that SugarSobriety is going to help me stay off sugar FOREVER. I think I am going to look amazing in a bathing suit this summer in Hawaii! I think I am going to be an amazing “old lady” because of SugarSobriety. I think Optimal Health will be mine because of SugarSobriety!

What do you think?