Day 37 – It’s all so surreal

HI! What an amazing day it’s been! I met with another potential contributor today! I am feeling great, and actually had a thought of having dessert pop into my head today! What was that all about? Today was the release of SugarSobriety – The First 30 Days. It’s on Amazon and you can download it on Kindle here. I am so excited and am having a hard time believing all that has happened in the past 37 days!

A thought that was weird today and was out of the blue happened. I was having lunch with some business associates and after the check was brought, I thought, why isn’t anyone ordering dessert? The neuro-pathway grooves are deep in my brain and it’s going to take longer than 37 days to create new ones. The whole experience was interesting. I had strong willpower today, even though I wanted some of that apple cobbler with ice cream on it! I kept thinking – I never get to have ice cream again! Okay, all together now………..awwwwww poor, poor Trudi!

I did choose wisely off of the menu. I had a Tri-Tip Salad (it was a BBQ place) with blue cheese dressing, ate almost all of it. The meat was amazing! Fries were ordered and I did NOT partake – fried food and my tummy do not get along. I am learning to respect myself when it comes to the intake of food. It feels really good right now to come home and not feel miserable and to have actually enjoyed a meal. I want to investigate and create a plan for the whole pity party that went on in my head about the ice cream though. I LOVED ice cream. It did weird things to me, but I loved it nonetheless. I have been finishing up Darren Hardy’s book called The Compound Effect and he talks about focusing on what you get instead of what you can’t have. Here is my take on it:

AT first, I was like, that’s BS! How can you just focus on what you get when I feel like I am depriving myself! That’s what it is, right? I was depriving myself of ice cream and peanut butter cookies! How dare I do that?!? Then, the feelings start happening. I have made this decision to stop consuming this stuff, and blah blah blah. It actually worked, I stopped myself, and simply had a little talk with myself on the way home. It sounded something like this. Trudi, if you were to consume that ice cream and apple cobbler what would have happened? Guilt would have happened. I have made a commitment to myself to stop doing things that make me feel guilty. So, there’s that. Second, I had made myself accountable to me, and the people at that table. Thirdly, the whole idea of this being a “forever gig” is what screws with my mind. It’s what screwed with me when I first stopped the drugs and alcohol as well.

The idea that I could never participate without getting hooked again was just a bummer! What if I could just have one? I CAN’T! I started thinking about the cost of having the ice cream and any sweets for that matter. I started thinking about the cost of health care that would eventually pop up because of the effects of sugar intake on the body. I started thinking that the tangerines I have at home are really good and one of those would be better. I thought about the healthy feeling I have when I eat properly. What can I replace ice cream with? What are the advantages of NOT consuming ice cream? What is good about it? This is a new habit I need to participate in. Asking myself the right questions instead of the questions that are going to put me in a tail spin and head right over to the pity pot! Once again, planning works. I plan on making a list of things that I can have instead of focusing on all the things I am “depriving” myself of. The first being Optimal Health. That was on my top priority this year. This blog is getting me there. I hope you like the book that I released this morning, and I hope to hear from you about your successes, and struggles. How many days do you have? What can I do to help you?

Until tomorrow…..