Day 32 -What now?

Hi there! I hope your making it a great day! I have been contemplating, what now, after I have gotten past the hard part of NOT consuming sugar. What now? How do I continue the motivation to keep going? How do I keep strong, and continue my journey of being sugarfree? I have been thinking about it, and I believe it all boils down to what a friend of mine was telling me the other day. Her name is Corry Lang and she is a Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Nutritional Coach here in San Diego.

Corry reached out to me and asked me how I was doing; she was on Day 8 of no sugar, no wheat and no dairy. That was the day AFTER I had broke down and had some pasta, cheese and crackers the night before. I believe it was the 13th of January. It’s when I was battling with mindset and my mind was telling me it was okay to have some crap food! She said it was an “integrity” issue for her to eat sugar, wheat and dairy. She went on to say that when she consumes sugar, wheat and dairy ALL areas get affected. Energy, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Corry explained that even after 8 days her “power” was coming back, her skin looked better. Being a Life Coach and indulging in those things when she is telling her clients to “clean up their integrity” goes hand in hand. So, the first thing she does is tell her clients to do that, and then everything starts improving. After that is done, then the real work can start being done. I could totally relate to her at the time, but wasn’t really ready to dive in to that whole integrity thing. It was all I could do to get through the day without thinking about cinnamon rolls!

That’s how I feel today. I can really relate to what Corry said, and I feel like the real work can start being done now. I feel like my integrity is cleaned up, as far as my consumption of food and that I can get down to the basics of WHY it was even offered up as a choice in my life to consume. Was it laziness? Was it habit? Was it guilt? Why was I choosing to eat sweets over veggies, knowing what it did to me? These are all questions that will be answered in time. It took a lifetime (so far) to get where I am, so it will take diligent, hard work to prepare for the rest of my life without sweets and processed foods. I don’t miss it that much anymore, and it gets easier everyday to accomplish. Most days, I don’t think about it anymore.

I have a plan in mind to put in place this weekend. I am finishing up the first eBook – it will be available on Amazon here soon, and I believe that this movement can take hold to help others achieve what I have. I have decided to go with another online radio station to do a show, so I hope that you can follow me and call in when you feel compelled. I will release all of this information when it’s set in stone.

I feel like I do my job better now without sugar and with integrity of self. Integrity with others has been easy for me, but I was always blowing myself off, and not taking the time to do what needed to be done for me, personally. It’s so important – Corry can help with that too!  Go check out her website here – Authentic Health and Success by Corry Lang. She has some great ideas.

In the meantime here are some steps I plan on taking:

  1. Plan my weekly meals and prepare them on Sundays according to my schedule for the week. I found this week, my schedule had me hungry and looking for something easy to eat. Where does that lead?
  2. Shop according to the Paleo meal plans and stick with it. This meal plan seems to like my body a lot, and my body likes it!
  3. Don’t go hungry – it’s temptation to “snack on crap”
  4. Drink LOTS of water – it helps to keep you hydrated and full.
  5. Track what I eat on a daily basis. EVERYTHING
  6. Track exercise – GYM at least 3 times a week
  7. Track Personal Development – I need to be “full” of positive vibes.
  8. Get good sleep – bed at the same time – awake at the same time everyday.
  9. Schedule these things listed above in my calendar to ensure they get done.
  10. Reach out to others for help when I need it.

This really is starting to feel like the “normal” in my life. I had lunch at a place that my husband and I usually go to together (shhhhh, don’t tell him I went) and Larry asked me if I wanted Baklava! YES, I WANT BAKLAVA! I politely said, no baklava for me Larry, I am 32 days sugar free! He said, you don’t have a donuts and coffee every morning? NO donuts and coffee Larry, BAD BAD BAD! He said, it’s just one donut, why can’t you just have one? Because I am addicted Larry, that’s why. Abstaining is best for me. He couldn’t understand, but was supportive. He showed me a juice he drinks everyday, NO SUGAR he says. Bless you Larry!

Until tomorrow…….