Day 31 – Whew!

Is this day over yet? It will be a short post tonight. I have been going since 5am this morning. What an amazing day!  I think if I were still consuming sugar, this day would have kicked by ass!! I would have been passed out on the couch by now!

I shared my sugar free brownies with a bunch of peeps today – what a hit!! I am very happy with the results of the efforts put in to make them.  I am checking in to let you know I am still sugarfree, however my first day trying to cut out added sugar as well, was a failure.  So, I think I need to go back to the drawing board and plan some more. I wasn’t prepared to be away from home all day. I probably should devise a plan for the week on the weekends and cook accordingly. Its so hard to do my “job” and not have to eat out. I tried to make good choices, however I know what I ate today had to have had added sugar in it. Was it enough to make a difference, not sure. So, I will start again next week.

With that being said,  I am going to call it a night, cook some dinner and get ready for another amazing tomorrow!

Did you have a good day?  Did you struggle today?  What were some success stories? Comment below….

Until tomorrow …..