Day 30 – SS & Girl Scout Cookies

Hey there! So, I am just like the next person and love to support the Girl Scouts by buying their cookies. Most years that is. Not this year! So, I have been seeing a lot of people post on Facebook and talk about in person about Girl Scout Cookies this year. Where do you get your cookies? I even see them walking down the side walks with their wagons full of them. God Bless those girls, it’s awesome to see them getting it done!

I checked out the sugar content in the cookies, and if you can just have two (some serving sizes are 4) you should be alright. WHO CAN HAVE TWO GIRL SCOUT COOKIES? NOT THIS CHICK!!! Maybe two sleeves! HA! Here is the skinny on the cookies:

This information was gathered from – and you can go check it out for yourself or read on. So, what is your favorite Girl Scout Cookies? Mine were always the Thin Mints and Caramel deLites. So, I just took a clip of the nutrition label and I will share it with you. Note – the Thin Mints are made with PURE Peppermint oil. Whatever that means.

Okay, so the first thing that I notice is that they both have about 11 or 12 grams of sugar. It takes 4 grams to equal 1 teaspoon of sugar. So, that means IF you only eat the serving size you would be consuming 4 teaspoons of sugar. You do the math if you eat more than the serving size. The second thing I notice in the “ingredients” list is sugar as the second ingredient and high fructose corn syrup as the 5th ingredient. If you don’t know, ingredients are listed in the order that will tell you the most amount. So in other words, because that made my brain hurt, they have more enriched flour in the thin mints than in the carmel delites – check that ingredient list out – sugar is FIRST! If you notice in the Carmel Delites as well, sugar is not only first, but it also lists corn syrup (another snazzy word for sugar), high fructose corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk (milk and sugar), sorbitol (which is sweetner). Bad, bad, bad. I used to eat a whole box of these at a time! They are basically a bunch of different sugar all wrapped into the goodness that they are.

Here is the one that isn’t that bad:

Shortbread cookies

So the Shortbread’s have a serving size of 4 cookies (more like my style) only 4 grams of sugar which equals to 1 teaspoon. The ingredient list is OK, still lists sugar second, and corn syrup. Not bad. If I was going to EAT cookies, this would be the one.

So, today is Day 30 and I am so elated to announce that I am making the transition early to the complete no sugar consumption starting tomorrow. It will be an all new experience for me, and I think I am ready. I have been abstaining from sweets and blatant sugar fests for the past 30 days. I have still been consuming some “added sugar” stuff in tomato sauces and other processed foods such as sausage and turkey sausage. For the most part just eating whole foods and mixing in as much organic stuff as possible. I was going to wait until 6 weeks, but WHY? Why not now? I feel like I can do it, slowly but surely. I am thinking an easing into it will help, just like I have done the past 30 days.

I am excited to hear from our future guests regarding how sugar can effect your diet, skin, and genetics. Next week Amanda Kunard, founder of Go Slim U will be our guest for the whole month of February! She has some awesome stuff to share with us. The following month will be Dr. Steven Ross, go read about him, he is awesome! He does genetic testing that results in a meal plan that will be specific to your needs, pretty cool since we are all different, right?

I hope you have a great night and don’t get too upset about the ingredients and sugar content in the Girl Scout Cookies, and if you have already bought some, it’s okay – they will go fast, and then maybe then you can consider joining me on the journey. I encourage you to go do some research on what sugar does to you, and why you feel the way you do when you eat it, or you can wait for me to post it. The information is ALL over the place and most of it is accurate. It helps to find out what the sweet stuff does to you when you are grappling with the decision.

Until tomorrow……..