Day 27 – I am disgusted



Hi there! I have needed some motivation in order to continue my journey with SugarSobriety. I have been wanting some sweets, and I do believe it’s because I have chose to do some experimenting with breads and grains. So, those are processed foods, and even though it says organic and WHATEVER on it, I have a bad taste in my mouth with the food industry (not literally) from some videos and documentaries I have been watching the last couple of days. I wondered where did sugar come from and how did it get so prevalent in our society? There is a documentary called “Big Sugar” by Brian McKenna I watched. It’s a two part series on YouTube and it’s free! There are commercials but who cares you can skip them. Astonishing! I am blown away by the history of sugar and it’s dark, dirty past as well as it’s rise til now. I have chose to NOT have a television in my house so I watch it on my very large phone while I am cooking dinner in the kitchen. I have NO PROBLEM saying no to sugar today. Two words I got from that documentary. Sugar. Slavery. The two go hand in hand.

Here are some facts:

  • 21.0 million people are diagnosed with diabetes right now in the U.S.
  • 3.1 million people die from diabetes every year – that’s 6 a minute!
  • There is an actual business that thrives because they sell oversize caskets!
  • 8.1 million people go un-diagnosed with diabetes! (this was 2015 statistics)
  • The sugar industry is an EMPIRE
  • According to the documentary “Big Sugar”sugar is produced in 3 main countries: Dominican Republic, Mexico and America
  • In the Dominican Republic Haitian slaves are the ones who are chopping the cane. They are required to cut 1 ton of cane in a day in order to get paid. A whole $2!
  • After searching here is the latest data I could find regarding the production of sugar:
  • 2013-2014-world-sugar-production
  • In the 18th Century sugar was like oil is now. It is disgusting what actions were taken over sugar in the 18th Century.
  • The more fructose you consume, the FOOD you crave.
  • Obesity is a “cosmetic issue” now and that is why it’s hard to battle, which is what the marketing industry wants you to believe.
  • This doesn’t even TOUCH the idea of the candida build up in our body because of added sugars and processed foods! I knew it was bad, but I had NO CLUE.
  • The consumption of sugar will kill animals. PERIOD. DEAD.

These are facts that will keep me from purchasing and preparing food that has added sugars. I was going to wait until I was 6 weeks off of sweets and then transition, but these facts coupled with the video that I posted on SugarSobriety’s Facebook page this morning will help me make that transition quicker. I need motivation to make the decision every single day. It’s not enough to know that I feel better, I need to be disgusted!!! I need to be pissed! I use that to empower me to make that choice again today. NO SUGAR!

What do you need to motivate you? How can I help?

Happy Saturday! Talk more tomorrow!