Day 26 – A story

HI there! I hope your day is well! I wanted to share a story with you today about myself and a little white substance called…….sugar.

I remember as a child around the Holidays, my mother would cook THE best pies, cakes, cookies and divinity. I loved divinity. She made it perfectly every single time. She would call me in the kitchen when she was making it and have me watch with her while it was cooking. It all looked so complicated with the thermometer and the certain temp it had to be and not one degree over or it would ruin it. Back then, everything was homemade. I was a little girl watching from our back window. My father was a welder and he owned a winch truck, and they would pull up with the huge pig on the winch part of the truck, and my mom would butcher it. The butchered hog would then be┬ápackaged and put it in our deep freezer. She would use every part of that pig. Same thing with cows, and I remember the food tasting so good. Her skills in the kitchen were amazing. Of course, I didn’t have anything to compare it to except my moms cooking, I had no base of reference. She would always make tamales from the pigs head (I know that sounds gross, but I tell you they were the best). My love of food comes from my mother. I loved watching her cook; when I was little. It was fascinating to me. How she started with nothing, mixed the ingredients and came out with a masterpiece.

My relationship with sugar came from this practice as well. In the 70’s, the only grocery store by our little town was a corner store. If they didn’t have what you needed, you didn’t get it. I remember the isles of that store to this day. The butcher in the back is where you got the meat, they didn’t have a bakery. If you wanted baked goods, you had to bake them yourself. My mother made the bread, the pastries, as well as the sweets. Every Holiday, our whole entire family would get together as most families do. The furniture would be rearranged in the living room to set up tables to accommodate the food and tables for us to eat. She would place long table cloths over the tables that touched the floor. My cousin and I were born 12 days apart. We were 2nd cousins. My mom and dad were obviously older when I was born. I remember crawling under that table and reaching up and taking food (mostly desserts and celery sticks) from it and eating it with my cousin under the table. We didn’t want to get in trouble and thought we were being sneaky, however my mother knew what we were doing.

I remember throwing a lot of fits when I was a child. I wonder now, if it was from the intake of sugar? We will investigate that later. My point is this:

If I think back throughout my whole life, sweets and sugar have always been apart of it. In some form or another. So for me to say that I miss it, even though I know it causes all kinds of harm to my body is understandable. AS long as I can remember it’s been there for me. I have consumed it, so I ask, is it too late to stop? As soon as I typed that, the thought, “That’s stupid, Trudi” popped into my head! It’s crazy to say that I miss something that damages me. Something so good, that damages my body in such a way to cause so much pain, and yet if I hadn’t made this decision, I would still be consuming it knowing that. So, why is that? If it’s so bad for us, why was it created? I wonder if there is a documentary on the history of sugar? I am sure there is. I am going to do some reading and share with you what I find. I feel kinda sad today that I have chosen to NOT consume sweets, but I know it will pass.

It’s probably a combination of a couple of things, one of those is that I am not sure that the radio show will happen at this point in time. It cost money, however I have faith that if it’s meant to be, it will. This is a subject that the world needs to hear about, and they need to hear about my success with doing this blog and later creating the forum so all of us can come and be able to support each other in one form or another. I know this SugarSobriety idea was given to me to start a movement. Movements aren’t built overnight and neither are fortunes and success. It’s years of trying and failing and then finally succeeding. I have certainly failed at quitting sugar enough times to finally be successful at a new lifestyle with no sugar in it.

Until tomorrow………..