Day 25 -Gets better everyday


Hi there! I just got home from all of my appointments and I am feeling great! I love the feedback that I am getting, it encourages me to keep on keeping on! Thank you so much for the notes, the emails and the shares on Facebook as well!

I feel as though this is becoming more of habit to say no. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have a warm, buttery, sugary cinnamon roll, however, I can say no, without the struggle that I had a couple of weeks ago. It’s not a struggle anymore. I miss it though. I miss the sweets. I guess this is the next phase of going off of sugar that I get to go through. I am not sure about this phase, because I have never experienced it. When I had quit in the past it was always with the understanding that I would consume again, it was just whenever the mood struck me. It was done in order to cure an ailment or pain in my body. When that was gone, I started eating it again. So, this is different. It’s a different feeling.

I am sure it will pass as well. There were several phases of withdrawal or whatever you want to call it over the years pertaining to drugs and alcohol, so I am sure it’s the same thing with sugar. It’s been in my life as long as I can remember. Now it’s gone. Maybe it’s just the process of baking and providing the yummy goodness to others that I miss. I had talked/bitched about that before, however, it is not the same today.

I am starving right now, and I HAVE to cook in order to eat. So, I will cut it short today, however, I do have some things to write about tomorrow. I will be posting early, and getting it all out. I am excited for the interview with Brandi – is there any questions you have for her that I can add to the interview? Please comment below and I will add it.

I hope your evening is amazing and I am looking forward to sharing tomorrow about some insights I had today!

Until tomorrow……..