Day 24 – good news!

Hi there! It’s about 4pm on January 20th and I have not consumed sweets or sugar products for 24 days! When I first started this journey, I did it so that I could have accountability and keep myself from consuming sugar. As the days went by, it dawned on me that I could turn this into something much bigger and reach more and help more. I know my gift, and I am ready to use it! So, with that being said, I thought if I could get on the radio and talk about SugarSobriety I would be able to reach more people and get more followers! I mentioned it to a couple of people in the beginning, and I knew deep down inside what would become of it.

I got introduced to an internet radio station called Have you heard of them? I hadn’t. I went online, and checked it out, and the next thing you know I am submitting an inquiry to be a RADIO SHOW HOST! An hour later I got a call back, and here we are a couple of weeks later, and today I am announcing that SugarSobriety will be a radio show on on the Health & Wellness Channel! I am in a surreal state about it right now, and I am so excited that I get to tell my story regarding sugar and bring more awareness and empowerment to people that struggle to NOT consume it. I hope that you can join me weekly and follow the show, and call in and talk to me about what your struggles are and tell me what your successes are with this sugar free gig. There will be more information on this as we go along.

I had an interesting conversation with a group of women today that are from other countries. They have lived here in America for a little while, and they all told me the same thing. ¬†When I moved to America, I gained weight. I was a stick in my country and when I moved to America I gained weight. A lot of weight. Isn’t that interesting? I am no expert, but I can put two and two together. I feel like growing my own food at this point. I am so disgusted with the USDA and the way we are being “fed” in this country. My opinion is this, and always will be; I can choose. I have the power to choose what food I consume. I choose to consume healthy food, that is raw and NOT packaged, 80-90% of the time. It’s difficult to get COMPLETELY away from it, however, I do believe it can be done. I am feeling so good off of sugar, I have been experimenting the last week with introducing some grains, and carbs like breads back into my diet. I feel bloated again! I found a recipe for almond flour. I am going to make some, and experiment with that. We will see what happens, I will let you know. Can you imagine, almond bread? HHHmmmmm.

IN the meantime, the sugar cravings are not bad today nor have they been all week. I made it through that birthday party on Saturday and it seems like that was a victory for me. Although today, I did walk into my neighbors house to say hi, and there was this amazing smell consuming the house and my nostrils. It was cinnamon rolls! Oh My God, I was okay though. It would have been nice to have one, however I wasn’t CRAVING them like I was before. I do not think consuming the carbs helps, however I had to see what my body would do. As if I didn’t believe it the umpteen times before! It’s amazing how I will keep choosing the same thing as if it’s going to be different this time! Once again, its the definition of insanity!

I am excited about our next guest – Amanda Kunard of Go Slim U! She taught me a lot about how our body works when we consume sugar as well as fats, carbs and protein. We meet on Friday to discuss what her topics will be. Go check out Amanda’s website and please let me know what YOU would like to know from Amanda! She is a wealth of information regarding diet, and what you should be eating and not eating.

So, my day was pretty average today except for the fact that I woke up this morning with a new title – I AM A RADIO SHOW HOST! I am grateful for all of you that follow this blog, and I hope we get more followers at this point. Just by reading and liking, you inspire me to continue on this journey. I love how it works! I am off to a workshop to teach people about finances! I hope you have a wonderful night!

Until tomorrow….



  1. Shon says:

    What is the radio station # and what time of day are you on??

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    1. Its an internet radio show and its on the Health and Wellness Channel! The specifics are not worked out as of yet – we are looking for sponsors/businesses who want to run ads on the show. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks to get it started. I will keep everyone updated on the progress.


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