Day 21! Planning works!


Good morning, Happy Sunday! It is a Happy Sunday indeed! Day 21 and I am feeling accomplished this morning instead of down on myself for giving in yesterday. My plan worked! I am still sugarfree. The amazing thing is that Bruces mom is kind of a health nut as well, so the cake she made was very healthy and sugar free, however there was still a little bit of sugar in the frosting. So, I did not partake.  It was so cute, Bruce is a good boy.  He ate his whole entire cupcake.  We celebrated three birthdays yesterday and there are 5 more coming up in the next month!  My point is that my brain was thinking there was going to be sugar everywhere! It wasn’t even close to that.  The tray of snacks that were out were all veggies! The dip was homemade and delicious! Although, I did partake in some chips. Blah! It’s amazing how much sugar was being consumed in the amount of sodas, cookies and candy being eaten around me.

I did notice something very cool. Our nephew, who is almost 17 now, had an illness when he was young. After the fever broke, they said his growth emotionally would never be more than an 8 year old. He has kinda defied the odds and he is doing well. Although he is very high strung and still plays like an eight year old. Yesterday,  I noticed he was calm and more like a seventeen year old. Talking slower and not doing that high pitch scream he does! His “ticks” weren’t as obvious and his face wasn’t broken out with pimples, he was different. I mentioned to him that his skin looked really nice and he was behaving well. He informed me that he had not been consuming sweets! He added that he felt more calm and more like a grown up. He also said that when he consumed sweets that he felt shakey. Isn’t that interesting?  What’s your body telling you? My nephew figured it out!

Today is a day of rest.  Preparing for the week by planning and getting the foods ready that we will consume for the week. We have all the processed foods out of our house and will be grocery shopping today for whole foods. Looking forward to being able to cook with those! I found a website that has great recipes for whole foods. I will share it when I try out the recipes and know they are good.

The bad cravings have passed and I still have some thoughts about this being FOREVER.  I had the same trepidations when I quit doing drugs & alcohol.  It took a few years to get over that.  Right now, I have no idea what it feels like to be a person that does not consume sugar EVER. HOWEVER, I do believe that I can become that person. Here is a list of things that a person that doesn’t consume sugar would be like in my mind.

  1. Makes healthy choices everyday and is happy with those choices.
  2. Gets good sleep by creating a sleep plan, and sticking to it NO MATTER WHAT.
  3. Reads and educates oneself with the dangers of consuming sugar.
  4. Exercises on a regular basis, including strength training.
  5. Participates in sacred self care that promotes the self confidence needed to make healthy choices.
  6. Love oneself unconditionally. No excuses.
  7.  Meditates and practices relaxation techniques in order to promote a stress free life.
  8. Plans out weeks pertaining to food consumption and activities.
  9. Reads books, and applies the principals in life regarding healthy relationships.
  10. Be responsible for any choices made on a daily basis.  No blame. Blame = no learning.

What do you think it will take?  Please comment below! You can also follow on Facebook at SugarSobriety.

I look forward to seeing what your thoughts are on this subject. Short post today and tomorrow is the start of week 3 sugarfree!  We will hear from Brandi about Sugar and Hormones as well as a couple of other special guests.

Let’s Celebrate!  I have the perfect idea!!

Until tomorrow…..