Day 18 – What happened?

Hey there! Today was a whirlwind! I woke up this morning HURTING. My body was in rebellion from the food that I consumed last night. I did not have sweets or sugar, but I did have pasta as well as crackers and cheese. Processed food. Carbs. It does NOT love me, nor do I love what it does to me! After feeling so good, this morning sucked! Anyway, it’s late on a Thursday evening and I feel like I have been going all day!  Probably, because I have! Some great things have happened and I really didn’t have time to even have lunch.

That’s a slippery slope folks! Not eating lunch or skipping meals is exactly what leads to “snacking” and making the exception to my rule of no sugar or processed food. I held out until I got home and cooked some simple chicken and veggies. Scarfed and headed out the door to my next appointment. I felt so much better! My tummy is still reeling from last night and I am so ready for bed.  I did make a video about today – I posted it on my YouTube Channel SugarSobriety. Here is the link – it’s exciting news!

SugarSobriety – Day 18 video

Share below if you know anyone that might be interested in being involved. (You need to watch the video)

I trust you guys had a great day, tomorrow I am going to be sharing some others struggles and wins from this week! A few friends are joining in the journey of becoming Sober from Sugar. I am almost finished with the eBook that will tell us how to read food labels in a funny way – because everything can’t always be so serious! Laughter is the best medicine. So, with that being said, what is your favorite joke?

Until tomorrow……..