Day 16 – more cravings!

Hi! I discovered something today about this journey!  I made a connection that I want to share with you! I quit drinking and doing drugs about 8 years ago. I stopped smoking about 5 1/2 years ago. Today, when I was eating dinner, I noticed right after I was finished with my meal that I had a craving for sugar. Chocolate or cookies in particular! I felt it strong, and just wanted that sweetness in my mouth. It passed, and I went on with my evening.

For my “real job” I educate people how the art of money works, and I have a workshop tonight, so I am at that workshop right now! I was speaking to some guests before the class started and I was telling them about SugarSobriety and all of the happenings and research that I have done over the past couple of weeks, and I was talking about my reaction after dinner. Then it hit me! When I quit smoking, it was really hard for me to eat pizza and anything Italian without really craving cigarettes after really bad. We had a Paleo meal tonight and it had tomato sauce in it. Now, I don’t know about you, but quitting smoking was difficult and I slipped back a few times. I was successful after a few attempts. I never will forget that craving after Italian food and Mexican food, in other words, spicy food. It was the same craving this evening.

I wonder what the correlation is? I wonder if there is something in the sauce or is it just me? The good news is, I did not consume sugar EXCEPT for the small amount that is in the tomato sauce that I used and it’s “organic.” I am going to do some searching, but I would be interested to hear some feedback from you. Have you quit smoking and if so, did you have that type of reaction or what did you crave? I have talked to some people that crave salt instead of sugar. Others crave spicy things instead of sugar, but if asked if they can have just one cookie or brownie, the answer is NO! The cravings and the addiction is the same across the board, however, what works for me, may not work for you!

In the meantime, some really cool things have been happening. I am looking forward to hearing from Brandi next Monday as well! She is going to be talking about sugar and hormones. I will share more about that tomorrow, I made another realization!

The more I research, the more I realize that I have been poisoning my body for a very long time with sugar. I have no idea how to use sugar in moderation. I cannot do it. I have tried. My point is this, if I do not abstain, it will turn into a “sugar binge.” PERIOD. I know this with every fiber of my body. I shared yesterday about the way I feel without it in my body. If I look back over all of the years, and put two and two together, all of the issues I have had probably are from the consumption of sugar! I am no expert, but you can read anywhere that consuming sugar causes inflammation and the when the body is inflamed we are more susceptible to disease. So, it kinda makes sense that I hurt and had a hard time recovering after working out, as well as some female issues and I could go on.

I am very grateful that I have quit consuming sugar. I am very grateful that this idea struck me and I acted on it in order to be accountable in order to stop sugar one day at a time. For me, that’s what works. Let’s find out what works for you okay?

Until tomorrow………….


  1. swedenmay says:

    So true. Loving Brandi’s thoughts too.
    Ps. Might sound really gross but have you ever Heard of or researched yeast build ups inside bodies ? Apparently if you have this it craves sugars and once you have a bit the yeast bacteria goes crazy and craves more and more … That’s one reason why we binge 🙀

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    1. Yes!! I have heard of that! My next months guest, Amanda Kunard will talk about that. She is a health coach here in SD and she teaches it in her nutrition classes.

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      1. swedenmay says:

        Cannot wait !


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