Day 15 – how far I have come!

Hi! I realize this post is late in the day, however, I had to tell you guys the great news!  I do believe that SugarSobriety is going to take off soon!  I know that the whole creation of this blog has helped me tremendously stay off sugar with just a few bumps in the road.  I have reached out to some radio stations in order to spread the word and share my journey with hopes that more will join!  This morning I had a very promising talk with one that I may choose to do my own radio show about SugarSobriety!  This is going to make the commitment even stronger to stay off sugar.  Health wise, I feel so good.  I haven’t felt like this in years!  So, here is a little about my background to understand why feeling the way I do excites me so!

I am 45 years young! That by itself should be enough to help you understand! HA! I have three children and one of my children has a child.  Yes, I know, that would make a gggrranndma.  It’s hard to even type that!  I am Nana! IT’s weird being a Grandma! The pictures below are my boys.  The one with little Kallie (my granddaughter) to the left is her and her Uncle John, and the top right is her dad, Cody and I last Christmas (my hair is a little longer now) and the one on the bottom right is my son that I placed for adoption when I was 18.  We were connected 3 1/2 years ago and that is him and his adopted family. They are 23, 25 & 27 years old.

So, I have been TIRED for many years.  Getting up every morning forcing myself to do life in general much less trying to make two businesses successful and actually earn money doing it!  Every single day was a struggle to get through and have the energy to do so.  I HAVE to network and meet people for my business and in life so, eating out was a huge part of my weeks.  What happens when we eat out?  Lot’s of sugar intake when you think there is none, that’s what! Every afternoon, around 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm I would feel it coming on. The urge to go to sleep was overwhelming and even if I was driving I would tend to fall asleep. Pretty scary if you were on the road when I was! I would wake up every night around 3:00 am and toss and turn the rest of the night.  TIRED, TIRED and more TIRED! This created this vicious cycle of coffee in the morning and coffee in the afternoon. I am pretty sure that’s what kept me awake at night.

Hopefully, you understand why I am so ecstatic about this new found energy I have!  I pop up in the morning BEFORE the alarm goes off!  I don’t feel like laying there dreading the “getting up and doing life” part.  I am amazed at how long my energy lasts all throughout the day, not to mention it’s fun to get dressed again because my clothes actually fit me without having to squeeze into them! My clarity and focus are amazing! I know this has to be from stopping the sugar as well as the last of the processed foods I was consuming as well.  Why am I sharing this with you?  This feeling, this energy, these results that I have shared with you are all a consequence of making this decision to stop consuming sugar.  The feelings and circumstances I shared in the previous paragraph, were consequences of the actions I was taking before – consuming sugar and processed foods!  It’s a simple thing to do, and I think a lot of us make it into something complicated that doesn’t have to be. The first week was a little of a challenge, however, this blog is what got me through.  I think the accountability part of it is really what has made me successful! Once you start seeing, feeling, and others see the results, it’s easy to make the decision every single day to be Sober from Sugar.

I would love to hear about your struggles, your successes!  Get it out, don’t keep it bottled up – we are all here together in this everyday battle against sugar.  Remember, the food companies are not going to change anytime soon!  It’s a decision that YOU get to make to honor your body and your life! This can be done with all of us banning together to help each other stay accountable! Let’s talk about our successes, and share that with others! What we give power, grows! I hope I can inspire you with my stories of everyday life and choosing NOT to consume sugar.  Please reach out to me by commenting below or follow me on Facebook at SugarSobriety and Instagram as sugarsobriety.  If you don’t feel comfortable commenting below you can email me at  What would you like to hear about? What would help you? Have you even started yet? What’s the best way to do it? What can I do to help you?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Until tomorrow………


  1. Sophie says:

    It’s lovely to put a face to the name, I’m sorry if you’ve posted a pic before and I’ve missed it. You are beautiful and so is your family! Looking at you I can’t believe you have kids my age! Well done, to make such a wonderful shift in your life, you have come so far and I almost feel bad that I haven’t really experienced anything like you have yet. Oh, well, I guess it will come. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on, I’m so happy for you, so happy that you feel good and confident in your decision.

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    1. Awwww! Thank you Sophie! I appreciate your following my journey and your kind words! You are more than welcome to follow me on Facebook too! It’s sugarsobriety and Trudi C Kayser! Would love to connect with you!


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