Day 14 – Normal without sugar?

What is normal? Webster’s Dictionary defines normal as “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected,” and as a noun, “the usual, average, or typical state or condition.”

I guess you could say I am feeling normal today.  There are twinges every once in a while.  We go grocery shopping on Sundays, and it’s interesting that the bakery is located by the raw food section.  Talk about temptation.  I have wrote about my cinnamon roll recipe, and there they were in the store.  Some cinnamon rolls, with this thick, perfected frosting on them.  THAT was a twinge of craving.  You notice I am not saying cravings – just a twinge.

AS each day passes, I feel like the “SugarSobriety” choice is the normal choice to make.  Today is Day 14 and once again, it’s a normal day.  No baking, just cooking for the week, shopping, doing chores, and catching up on books and naps.  Quality time spent with the husband, and sacred self care.  Resting before the busy week ahead and preparing to do some activity every single day that puts me one step closer to goals that were set for 2016. Normal stuff.

I said to my husband, “I am thinking about selling the KitchenAid,” and he asked me what I was going to do for the holidays.  Not everyone has quit sugar, in other words.  I can bake without consuming right?  By the time the next holiday rolls around, that will be the case.  What if  I do consume?  I start over and try again, that’s what! I feel like I will be strong enough to do that.  Just because I make a decision to do something, doesn’t mean everyone else will. I do know one thing, I will never give up.

never give up

I think back two weeks ago and this SugarSobriety thing was just a thought in my head.  An idea that I hadn’t acted upon.  It’s come so far in such a small amount of time.  The idea has grown into so many things that will help myself as well as others get to a point where no sugar is not even a conscious choice any longer.  It just is. It’s normal, part of our everyday habits that our brains do automatically.

I am looking forward to Brandi’s article tomorrow, but today I want to share an article with you that was shown to me by not one, but two people yesterday. Is that a sign or what? It was on Yahoo, and you might have seen it, it focuses on the book “Eat This, Not That.” It lists some restaurants and the staggering amount of sugar in some of our favorite choices of food at these restaurants.  It also gives you some insight to the language that is being used that we, the public, may think is one thing, but in their vocabulary it means something totally different.  Like “energy” – an energy bowl really means high calories and more than likely high sugar.  Being that our bodies run on glucose.  So, I hope you like the article and stay tuned for tomorrows post when Brandi will let us know the correlation between exercise and sugar intake as well as how to make some healthy choices when you do go out to eat.

23 Restaurants Foods with Crazy-High amounts of sugar

I hope the rest of your weekend is great. Have you done something to honor your body today?  I am going to the gym, and eating a Paleo meal.  I got the recipe from Paleogrubs – YUMMY!

Until tomorrow……….