Day 13 – eating out cont.

Hi there! I hope your Saturday is treating you as well as mine is!  I just got back from the gym, and had some good food. Homemade tomato soup, left over roast beef, and cauliflower.  Tonight is going to be a challenge and I have a little trepidation.  One of my businesses didn’t get to have our Christmas party in December so we are gathering tonight at a restaurant here is San Diego called Fogo De Chao.  It’s one of those Brazilian restaurants that brings the meat around to the table and cuts it for you right there off the “stick.” They have amazing food, and amazing desserts.

I have made a plan, I checked out the menu online, and have made decisions as to what I am ordering and partaking in while there. Meat (protein) and veggies. Perhaps a salad – however – I would have to do it with no dressing because almost all dressings have sugar in them.  I thought it was going to be hard, but after last night and the temptations that were put forth with the brownies and people sitting right in front me eating those brownies, I am pretty sure I will be okay. I was okay last night, and I will choose the right thing tonight.  I will be writing about Day 14 tomorrow.  I have some work this afternoon but wanted to get something up early, writing about it makes it less of a big deal ya know?

I will check in later tonight and let you know how it goes.  IN the meantime, check out this menu!  OMG! My mouth is watering now!

Fogo De Chao menu

MAKE it a great day.  We have a choice. We can only control our actions and our attitudes.  Talk later!