Day 12 – Eating Out

This will be a short post today, I am swamped with work and sugar could be the furthest thing from my mind.  It’s not all about me though, so I did experience a little angst this morning while attending a networking meeting.

Before I started my businesses and started networking, I had went to the Dr. because I was having trouble breathing. I got diagnosed with C.O.P.D. (if you don’t know what that is – look it up – it sucks).  They also checked my blood, and when I came back she informed me that my blood work was amazing.  Cholesterol etc, everything was great and that if all of her patients just had that, they would be in better health.  So, I went on my way, and in the meantime, I had resided to myself to get a second opinion on my diagnosis.  The 2nd Dr informed me that I had the same thing and he had taken my blood as well.  This was about 6 months later, AFTER I had started networking and eating out all the time.  This Dr told me that I needed to start exercising and watching what I ate, because my cholesterol and triglycerides were off the charts!  So, in six months my blood work had went from “you are so healthy” to “you need to do something about your cholesterol”.  From eating out.  I attended a lot of networking events in order to build my business and I did eat out a lot.  AT least 5-6 times a week.  My point here is this, eating out is not healthy for you either.  Unless it’s from a farm, right Brandi?

This morning I attended a networking meeting.  They had breakfast available.  I looked at it, and it was eggs with cheese (I have cut out cheese these past 12 days as well) and bacon (yes, thank you), apple something sausage (to say this was laced with sugar would be an understatement) NO THANK YOU, potatoes with something else in them – NO THANK YOU and bacon.  Did I mention there was bacon? God, I love bacon!  So, I had eggs (pretty sure they weren’t real eggs) and bacon.  Water, no juice and they offered up some fruit as well, but I chose not to partake.

I also attended a networking meeting on Wednesday of this week.  I chose to order tomato soup. That’s it.  I can eat my own food when I get home. My point is this, I do not know what they make their food with.  Is it processed, pre-packaged food that is powder and they add water to it? Who knows, but the chef.  When eating out, it’s important to make good choices, unless you just want to have a cheat day and go for it!  As long as the cheat day isn’t EVERYDAY!  HAHAHAHAHHA!!!  Today is my cheat day, and tomorrow, and the day after that!  I think Brandi will have some good ideas for us when it comes to this.

Stay tuned because I am becoming more and more in tune with what my body is telling me and I am loving the results that I am seeing by NOT consuming sugar and processed foods. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life.  My skin is glowing! My pants fit better every single day!  This is only day 12! What am I going to feel like at 1 year? Like I am 35 again, that’s what!

Like I posted before, it’s important to plan ahead and to not get side swiped with the thought of, “well, I need to eat, so I am going to have to partake in this food.” If you must go, find out what their menu consists of before you go and choose something that is less processed than most things. I will be adding a list of this at a later date, I am still working on compiling all of the data.  Salad (almost all dressings have added sugar, by the way) and a protein source with vegetables will do you good every time.  If you add the starchy foods, you will have the same reaction in your body as you do if you eat sugar.  Starchy foods and proteins do not go well together.  Sweet potatoes are a healthy alternative AND they are sweet!  Problem solved.  Remember your stomach is the size of your fist.

I hope this helps, and I can say with confidence that I am not afraid to go out anymore.  AS long as I am prepared.  I plan ahead and make my decisions before arriving at the restaurant or event.  I can do this, and so can you!  Here is to another day sugar free!  Thanks to Sugar Sobriety and all of you rooting me on!  I have good thoughts for you every day!  Please comment below on what you choose to eat when you go out, I am sure we could all use the help!

Until tomorrow…….


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  1. swedenmay says:

    Eating out is the hardest thing I have found! Even with being gluten, and dairy free! It’s good when I’m in London, as more places offer alternatives… BUT THEY ARE FULL OF SUGAR! So I’ll just take the spinach and egg option 😉


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