Day 9 – Listening

Hey there!  Today has been the easiest day yet, although it’s still early!  I had a lot of fun introducing Brandi Mahan to you guys today!  I have been friends with Brandi since we were in our 20’s! Crazy long time, and I have seen her struggles, and she has seen mine over the years.  We battled some things together and when she started Tiger Training Temple, I made the choice to go to her and get trained.  She changed the way I think about working out and being healthy!  Check this out:

She definitely challenged me and I LISTENED to her and did what she told me to do.  I saw results, and FELT results in a very short time.

Day 9 has been filled with excitement about the growth of this blog and the following as well as the people who have jumped on board, to try SugarSobriety!  Writing on here everyday is the ONLY thing that has made me stay accountable.  I have gotten so many messages and words of support; I am a little overwhelmed with Gratitude right now!  I love it!  So, thank you for listening to me whine, and complain about it being hard, and then transition to easier days, all the way up until now!  I want to hear about your struggles as well.  That’s what this is here for!

Let’s talk about listening.  I have simply listened to my body over the past 9 days, and if I am truthful, months before that.  I felt what the sugar and processed foods were doing to my body.  My pants were too tight, binding my gut when I sat down.  My stomach would literally make noises after eating.  My mind was foggy, and I couldn’t stay focused most days. I would fall asleep, sometimes while driving, every afternoon around 2pm.  I would wake up every night at 3am and not be able to go back to sleep. All the while, still consuming the cookies, brownies, and cake.  Every single day, I would have something sweet.  I would try to wait til later in the day to do it, because once I started, I couldn’t stop.  So, I finally listened to my body.

The changes that have taken place are amazing, I actually had to put a belt on my jeans this morning when I got dressed to keep them up!  This may sound a little weird, but we are “raw” here – I don’t suffer from flatulence anymore!  I don’t have overwhelming hunger cravings.  My PMS wasn’t even bad this month!  I am focused on the activities at hand.  I haven’t fallen asleep at the wheel – not even once!  I don’t even feel like sitting down on the couch and taking a little cat nap.  I remember what I went into a room for! I can only eat small portions.  I have the energy to go to the gym.  My breathing is better, I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. two years ago.  I could go on, because I listen to my body.

I want to encourage you to listen to your body.  Track what is happening. I suggest this, because when you do decide to listen and finally make that decision to stop the consumption of sugar and processed foods, you will FEEL the difference.  It helps to have a picture or a log of what it was like before.  This is a tool that is used in AA a lot in order to remind us what it was like.  It’s called “playing the tapes” out.  What will it feel like if I do eat that cookie? What emotions will I feel?  It’s the simple decision to stop doing things that make you feel guilty.  Listen to your body, what’s it telling you? Mine was telling me to love it.  Nurture it. Respect it. What is yours saying?  Please comment below!

It is 3pm on January 5th, 2016 and I have not consumed sugar today.

Until tomorrow…….