Day 7 – Getting over the hump

HI!  So, I shared the Facebook page this morning with the expectation of getting at least 50 likes TODAY.  AS of right now, almost 3:00 pm, there are 66 likes and counting on the page.  I knew this was needed, for me, I had some idea that it might take off, but this is awesome! IF you haven’t yet, click here and like this page on Facebook as well!  My featured guests will be sharing some videos and amazing information for you all!


So, I made it a week without sweets.  I accomplished a goal I set! I got over the hump.  Although, what constitutes a “hump”?  Is it a day, a week, a month or longer? IT’s whatever you decide. Challenge yourself, and be realistic in your “hump”.  I have decided that MY hump will be this first week. I believe writing here everyday has been a huge part of my success!  What successes have you accomplished this year so far?

I have set a goal for 6 weeks of abstaining from sweets.  (See “the ugly truth” post, and “baby steps” post)   I feel like I haven’t felt in YEARS!  My energy is really high, and for the past two mornings I pop up out of bed ready to go!  So what happens now?

This is when I get to be careful, and not too cocky about my accomplishments!  Right about this time is when a craving can come and knock you out! You see, the habit of reaching for a sweet is still there!  It gets to be replaced with a new habit of reaching for an alternative – like almonds or walnuts, tangerines and other fruits are also acceptable.  There are some fruits that are high in sugar content and will put me over the top and as I answered a follower today on Facebook, I cannot participate in ANY sweet consumption in this phase of the journey.  I explained to her that even something like Stevia (which is not supposed to trigger a glucose reaction – our experts will have more on that) might trigger my cravings based on the simple fact that it’s sweet.   Bottom line, I don’t trust myself yet.

My plan for the weeks ahead is to literally depend on this page to get me through, as I was already combing through Paleo sweet recipes this morning, and then I caught myself!  I am accountable to you and therefore – accountable to myself.  Thank you for your support – I am grateful for you!

I will be adding a “research page” and I am starting on an eBook today on how to read nutrition labels!  It’s a maze out there folks!  It’s not what you think, and there are several “tricks of the trade” that I need to know about while making food buying decisions, I want to share that with you. Especially, if it’s in a box or a bag.  So, keep an eye out for that and I wish that you all feel as good as I do right now!

Until tomorrow………

P.S. – 71 likes now!


  1. Sophie says:

    I totally agree that writing about it really helps. I have a hard time sticking to my own goals in privacy, but as soon as I have even just one person expecting me to succeed, it suddenly becomes a lot easier. So, my success so far is largely because of my blog.

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    1. The dirty secret is out when we talk everyone else … even if no one else is listening. Its amazing isn’t it? I am looking forward to following your posts as well! Congrats on your decision!

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