Day 5 -Happy New Year!

Today has been GREAT!  Went to the gym and RAN for the first time in almost 3 years!  I believe that healthy choices lead to other healthy things and it inspires me to do more healthy actions!  I didn’t plan on running today, but I did!

So, the cravings came right after I ate lunch – typical – my mind is wired for dessert after meal. It was a strong one, but short lived.  I simply CHOSE to have a tangerine and get on here to write about it.  The crazy thing is this:

Before, I was not even aware when they would come, I would just do what they said do (the cravings that is) and then move on.  Feel crappy about 20 minutes later and want to go to sleep every afternoon around 2 or 3:00. Then, wake up to the same thing the next day.  Here’s the deal – when I did consume sweets it was usually something homemade or “healthy for you” like dark chocolate and that was my justification.  Everyday, one cookie lead to two lead to three and so on and so forth.  Sometimes, it would be cookies for dinner – literally.  Six to eight cookies would cure that hunger right away.  More on that later, our experts will get into why this happens.

Today, when the craving came, I was totally aware of it, and acknowledged it out loud, and got up had a tangerine and walked right over to the computer to write about it.  I didn’t have to “phone a friend”, or freak out about it for a few minutes and feel like a crazy woman!  It’s only DAY 5!  I think if I fight them, they last longer and are stronger.  If I acknowledge it and do something immediately to stop it, it seems to me that it’s rewiring my associations in my brain to learn a “new way”.

So, today I threw away ALL of the sweets in the house.  It felt good. Wonder if that had something to do with the strong craving? Who knows, all that matters is that I am okay with my choices today and ready for a great 2016.  Here is some info that I got from DarrenDaily this morning – I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

DarrenDaily for January 1st 2016

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