Day 3 – DONE!

Hey there! I did it!  I made it through w/o sugar or BAKING!  It was very tempting, thank God for work – it saved me today.  SugarSobriety is working so far!  This is what I did:

  • Created a gratitude list and listed all of the things that I am grateful for that I have because I chose to NOT have sugar today.  This one simple act can change your life for the better in all areas. There is an app that can be downloaded as well.  It’s called Gratitude Journal.  This action will be a daily activity from now on.
  • Distracted myself with work – NO BOREDOM – I kept busy.
  • I got dressed to go to the gym (even though I was trying to talk myself out of it) three hours before I finally went.  It’s the act of preparing.
  • I read for 45 minutes from a book called “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.  Great tools and concepts to use in this book.  You can find him on YouTube as well.
  • I reached out to my friend Brandi again.  I confessed – I have an amazing recipe for cinnamon rolls (homemade) and I wanted to make them so bad today.  Felt better RIGHT after I confessed.
  • Chose foods that were healthy NO SUGAR AT ALL (after the bacon this morning that is) – homemade soup, made with raw foods.
  • I told myself (it’s a great way to ‘trick’ your brain) that I can have a treat in 27 days.  I am going for a month with no sweets.

I know this can be done – I am in control of my brain.  I am aware of my cravings, I know they will pass.

I remember when I first got sober from D&A – I would have to drive right past the bar where I used to drink.  It was so hard to NOT drive there.  I knew if I did, it was all over. I chose to stop because my whole entire family was dying from it, if they weren’t already.  My kids were counting on me and my own conscious was counting on me.  It’s easy to stop – the hard part is continuing that pattern.  I would come home and do my routine.  The next day it was a little easier.  Everything is hard at first.  I bet tomorrow will be easier!

Until then…………..