I made it through today

It’s 9pm and it’s time to get ready for bed.  I had strong sugar cravings tonight around the usual time, right after dinner.  I tried something different this time and I was successful.  When I first got sober from D&A I was told to pick up the phone and call someone when you wanted to use.  Well, that’s exactly what I did tonight.  I texted my friend Brandi and simply said, “I want sweets”.  We talked it through and the craving passed.  Instead of giving in, I CHOSE to have some apple slices with all natural peanut butter to snack on.  It’s a great snack, and along with the Paleo meal we had for dinner tonight (see pic below vs. sweets) I feel good about this.  It’s been over 24 hours since I ate cheesecake.  Wonder how I will sleep?

Until tomorrow………..

Which would you choose?


2015-12-28 18.42.19
The chocolate cupcakes and box full of cookies from Christmas
2015-12-28 18.41.59
The Paleo Chicken recipe