Day 2 – my favorite things

GOOD MORNING!  Sleep eluded me last night – I am excited about creating this movement and I was dreaming about what life is going to be like without sugar in it 😦  Much like I did the first few days and months of my D&A sobriety.

The truth is I love sugar, and it’s hard to imagine not having it in my body to soothe me and make my taste buds stand on end!  So, it’s 9:55 am and I am still sugar free FOR THE MOST PART.  I did consume some sausage this morning but according to the label – it’s not enough to count?  What do you think?

I did some more label searching this morning, and behold – some of my favorite things can no longer be my favorites.  I will set out on a journey to find NEW favorite things today!  I will check in later and let you know what those are (if I find some) and tell you what my progress is today on the empowering idea of “I get to choose.”

Click on the images and their descriptions will come up.

Until later…………


  1. Judy Corasaniti says:

    Thank you so much for doing this – I really appreciate it! I know for sure it will help me – it is already! I’m inspired and encouraged to make different choices today! Thank you once again!


    1. You are welcome! I hope you continue on the road to sugarsobriety! See you soon!


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